Your Loss, Not Ours

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 23 February 2017
As one GM who had done nothing but distinguish himself (and his club) in his career wrote in letting me know about his sudden resignation: "As you might surmise, this is a political reaction on my part having to do with my current President, who feels so strongly he can run the club that I intend to give him every opportunity to do so."An open letter to any new club presidents who are thinking seriously about canning their club's General Manager as one of their first "executive actions"
Article by Kacey Bradley

Things These Businesses Are Doing to Appeal to the Needs and Desires of All Ages

- 22 February 2017
Decades ago, businesses focused on exclusivity and appealed only to particular demographics -- women's clubs, men's clubs or the wealthy, for example. These days, exclusivity is faced with a more negative connotation and an association with walling people out, instead of welcoming them in.Over time, this trend has shifted, and inclusivity has become the new trend as more businesses work to appeal to the needs and desires of all ages. Retailers embrace different sizes. Private clubs have expanded membership and activities. Hotels and hospitality services focus on making life better for everyone who enters through the door. Everywhere, businesses are making big breakthroughs in inclusivity and diversity.The True Meaning of HospitalityMany luxury resorts, spas and hotel getaways have been marketed and branded for their exclusivity. Yet, it's inclusivity that's taking hospitality to the next level of top notch customer service, for every individual who enters the front door.The Bespoke Access Awards, initiated through peers of the UK House of Lords, is an international design competition with goals to improve access to lodgings and hotel experience for all guests, especially for those who are disabled. Inclusive design categories include: service design, product design and architecture.Entries may come from any individual or group of any age, but entrants are advised to communicate with disabled individuals and relevant service users. Ideas may address an experience from check in or check out, to any service a hotel offers a guest.For businesses in modern society, inclusivity demands transparency. Most businesses in the hospitality industry have a section on their websites outlining their missions of diversity and inclusivity for their brand, to both guests and employees. Starwood Hotels' corporate values are outlined clearly and nicely summarized in this excerpt, "Creating an environment of inclusion for our associates, guests and suppliers isn't just the right thing; it is the very core of our business."Starwood actively seeks out diverse vendors and suppliers to work with, that are LGBT-owned, women-owned, disability-owned or minority-owned. With many of its destinations in LGBT-friendly cities, Starwood and W Hotels have raised money in support of marriage equality through a series of concerts and talks. Unfortunately many LGBT couples and families face stereotyping and judgment when traveling, and these hotels realize the true meaning of hospitality, focusing on real-world families and their travel needs.Clothing Retailers Embrace All SizesYears ago, you would be hard pressed to find a plus size model on the same runaway as a size two. Today, inclusivity is trending in the fashion industry, and more clothing brands and retailers are embracing all sizes. The focus is celebrating the diversity of the human body.There are many body shapes, skin colors and heights, and no one type is better than another. Retailers focus less on exclusivity of a particular body type as best, and build all people up instead of playing into their insecurities--particularly women.A wonderful example of this shift in the fashion industry is American Eagle's best fit campaign, featuring all types of women as it advertised the Aerie underwear brand. The company publically promoted its choice to forgo any use of Photoshop in Aerie promotions in the future. Its campaign emphasized the best fit as: "Every frame. Entire size range," focusing on the empowerment particularly expressed by millennial women, aiming to spread that reflection to all women.Private Clubs Have Expanded MembershipPrivate clubs have traditionally offered unique opportunities to network within a specific demographic or industry, keeping the pool of individuals limited or defined by certain traits to better the group. These systems exist even as types of meetup groups for stay at home moms and military families, but some private clubs and their traditions are outdated in the modern world.To limit privilege and oppression of any student on campus, last year Northwestern University announced that campus groups must admit any interested student within the next year or those groups risk losing funding. Some argued that the quality of group membership would be "diluted," while others opened up the argument of what historical exclusive groups are still relevant in a campus environment. In a college environment, this is a great discussion and growing opportunity, but how does this apply on a larger scale in the real world?In the wider world, this discussion extends to private clubs and businesses that once catered to a specific target audience. Many of these have expanded membership.The YMCA and YWCA are a popular set of examples which once limited exclusivity to men and women, with a Christian focus. Keeping up with modern times, they successfully opened up membership, while keeping programs that help underprivileged groups. For example, the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) decided to drop the "Christian" term in 2011 in its name across the UK to embrace Platform 51, which seeks to "lobby for changes in the law and policies to help all women," though the name change did receive criticism from religious groups.Country clubs are also expanding their exclusive memberships to become more family-oriented to families of various classes and backgrounds. In San Francisco, California, the Martin Country Club is focused on family as an aspect of a well-rounded life, and this a great example of a club that provides inclusive membership and activities for the entire family and all ages. The club offers the traditional tennis courts, golf courses and pools, but it also offers diverse groups, classes, activities and lessons, including cooking classes, jazz on the green and poolside barbecues.As more businesses focus on inclusivity, instead of exclusivity, they appeal to the true needs and desires of all groups of people to reap major benefits. Businesses find great success and rewards in help all families, ages, genders, races and religions network, have fun and develop healthy and beneficial lifestyles. Exclusivity is out, and inclusivity is in. The real focus on what should matter: human beings helping each other be their best selves.

Playing Solid Defense

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds - 21 February 2017
It may not be possible to completely eradicate disease and other threats from golf course greens, but superintendents have a number of available resources to keep them at bay. The post Playing Solid Defense appeared first on Club & Resort Business.

How to Become a Five-Star Hotel·Requires Registration - 21 February 2017
Behind every success is a great leader and a stellar team. Reaching for the stars doesn't have to be impossible, but it does take effort. "It's mostly hard work," said Mark Novota, managing partner of Wequassett Resort & Golf Club here. Novota, together with his team, reached beyond the resort's current status as a four-star to achieve a five-star rating by Forbes Travel Guide. It is the only property in Cape Cod to have this distinction.

New resort proposed for Western Sydney - 14 February 2017
A proposal has been submitted for a new 11-storey resort hotel at Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club. The post New resort proposed for Western Sydney appeared first on Hotel Management.

February 2017: 90 Years Young

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 13 February 2017
A few weeks ago, my wife Susie and I went to visit her parents in North Carolina for the weekend. As my father-in-law approaches 90, I am impressed by his ability to stay young. He continues to be eager about learning, trying new things and ensuring he is staying up to date. I greatly admire my father-in-law and I hope I have the same mindset when I approach his age. He is 90 years young, as there is nothing old about him!

Tips for Creating a Successful Private Club Membership Marketing Plan

Private Club Marketing - 11 February 2017
Whether you run a small, single club, a medium sized one, or a large management company, whether your club is newly founded or well-tried, there are certain daily challenges that you, as a club marketer, must inevitably face. These include driving member referrals, satisfying member demands, and achieving business goals. Such business goals should not come into being randomly or just by gut feelings. Rather, your marketing plan should be the basis of your corporate agitation. The process you should follow, in creating your marketing strategy, will be outlined for you in this article.

Spreading the Splash

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 9 February 2017
Thinking beyond the pool walls boosts a club's usefulness to members, both pre- and post-swim.When it comes to renovating pool complexes, many club and resort properties have adopted a sink-or-swim mentality. Faced with the demands of an expanding membership and the need to enhance the time that all members of a family spend at the club, these facilities are now providing more than just a place to cool off. All-encompassing aquatic centers--complete with snack bars, lounge areas and other social amenities--are being created to help extend a pool's usefulness and appeal far beyond just a quick dip.

On the Right Track

Club & Resort Business - Management - 7 February 2017
As part of celebrating its 90th anniversary with a newly renovated golf course, Midland Country Club also rolled out a new golf car fleet and GPS system that can help to deliver a permanent "wow" factor.Midland (Texas) Country Club is celebrating its past with its 90th anniversary this year--but at the same time, the property is embracing its future, by introducing a number of state-of-the-art amenities. The new bells and whistles include a $9 million renovation of its practice facility and 18-hole golf course--and to help members get around the property with maximum enjoyment of the experience, Midland CC also rolled out a new fleet of 65 Yamaha Drive2 golf cars last October, each equipped with the new YamaTrack GPS system.

Ten Myth Busters for Hiring in 2017

ClubPeople - 3 February 2017
Ten Myth Busters for Hiring in 2017 Will you be at CMAA? Visit our HR Consultant Alfred Roush Esq. SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and VP of HR Services at CertiPay, as he debunks the Myths for Hiring in 2017 at the CMAA Conference on Club Management this Tuesday, February 7th, 12-1pm. Competency Area: External & Governmental Influences; Human & Professional Resources.

The American Club installs in-room tablets, debuts mobile app

Hotel Management - 2 February 2017
The American Club, the resort-hotel at Destination Kohler in Kohler, Wis., owned and operated by the Kohler Co., is installing hotel tablets and debuting a mobile app, created and implemented by Intelity. "We are excited to enhance our guest experience with modern tools," said Christine Loose, director lodging for Kohler Co. "This service now offers our guests the opportunity to order in-room dining and request items from housekeeping in real time; in addition to immediate access to menus, resort amenities and activities."

Four with More

Club & Resort Business - Management - 2 February 2017
The 2016 Winners of the Excellence in Club Management Awards, co-sponsored by the McMahon Group and Club & Resort Business.

'No Problem' Has No Place in Club Management

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 1 February 2017
Ritz Carlton trains their staff to give a warm and sincere greeting and to close each guest interaction with a fond farewell, using the guest's name when possible. As a result, they are often lauded for creating a personalized environment. In today's day and age, it is their commitment to this detail, including their staff's choice of language that should be emulated a bit more throughout the hospitality industry as a whole and specifically in the highly personalized world of club management.

Top 10: Best NFL Golfers

Private Club Marketing - 1 February 2017
Here's a look at the NFL's top 10 best golfers. What do NFL football players do in the off-season? Surprisingly, many swap their football cleats for golf shoes. And more than a few who have serious game on the gridiron do a pretty good job of bringing it on the golf course as well.

The value of a Super Bowl ticket, in golf terms

Private Club Marketing - 1 February 2017
If you're really spontaneous, or terrible at planning, and are looking to go to the Super Bowl, the cheapest ticket on Stub Hub is $3,600. And the view does not look great from up there.

The best beach clubs for a French Riviera yacht charter

A Luxury Travel Blog - 31 January 2017
Glamorous, decadent, and dripping in celebrity history, the beach clubs of the Cote d'Azur have long been synonymous with the superyacht set. Yet of the hundred or so beach clubs along this stretch of storied coastline, which ones should you visit on your superyacht charter?The best beach clubs have a seductive magic about them, an allure that goes far past the sophisticated decor, the handsome charm of the waiters, or even the softness of the sand where white-cloth tables sit before the sparkling sea. At the top beach clubs--the ones that the A-list compete to get into in the long, languorous days of a Mediterranean Summer -- there's a lingering sense of summers past, of all the famous people who have mingled, dined and danced here, passing happy days diving off pontoons and basking in the sun.So join us as we float from the towering cliffs of Monaco down to the Gulf of Saint Tropez, dropping anchor at the most glorious beach clubs along the French Riviera.

Bringing Life to the 'Village' at Talis Park GC

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles - 31 January 2017
A new multi-purpose clubhouse/community concept with a unique interaction of indoor and outdoor space has been added to a distinctive golf course to enliven the rebranded Naples, Fla., property.

7 Creative Golf Marketing Ideas to Make Your Club Stand Out

Private Club Marketing - 30 January 2017
Everywhere we turn lately, we come across tips for how to execute creative golf marketing ideas this year. So we've collected a short list of our favorite tips. Here are seven ideas for giving your marketing efforts a boost: 1. Ask your Members how to... The post 7 Creative Golf Marketing Ideas to Make Your Club Stand Out appeared first on Private Club Marketing - 2016 Membership Consulting Firm of the Year.

How Golf Clubs can Improve Pipeline Marketing

Private Club Marketing - 30 January 2017
A Marketing sourced pipeline is one of the most commonly reported performance metrics for private golf and country clubs. Resort and Club Member Relations and Marketing Directors point to this metric with pride because it serves as a sign of accountability and proclaims, 'We, as... The post How Golf Clubs can Improve Pipeline Marketing appeared first on Private Club Marketing - 2016 Membership Consulting Firm of the Year.

Pipeline Marketing: 3 Ways Golf Clubs Can Improve ROI

Private Club Marketing - 30 January 2017
Pipeline Marketing is one of the most commonly reported performance metrics for private golf and country clubs. Here are 3 Ways to Measure your ROI. Resort and Club Member Relations and Marketing Directors point to their pipeline marketing metric with pride because it serves as... The post Pipeline Marketing: 3 Ways Golf Clubs Can Improve ROI appeared first on Private Club Marketing - 2016 Membership Consulting Firm of the Year.

Well Worth Saving

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 26 January 2017
I've often been shocked, when sitting in general managers' offices or taking tours through clubhouses, to see how some of the best parts of clubs' stories have been relegated to piles on the floor or dusty boxes in the basement.A writer's greatest fear is going to a place, or sitting down with a source, and not being able to find "the story." But as we now start another new year of publishing C&RB (and our 13th overall), I can honestly say that, even though the total number of different stories I've now had to find for our pages has climbed well into the hundreds, each time I've set out to prepare new content about the clubs, and people, in our industry, I've never even come close to having any feeling of dread and, "What am I going to write about that's different here?"

Golf Clubs With the Best Social Media Presence

Private Club Marketing - 25 January 2017
Golfers as a group tend to be rather obsessive about their sport. And can you blame them? Recreational golfers spend their free hours taking in the fresh air, vibrant green landscapes, invigorating exercise, and a couple of drinks with friends at the "nineteenth hole." Many club members' happy place is out on the greens, and some smart club administrators are keying into this desire always to stay connected to the feeling of getting in a weekend round. By cultivating a compelling social media presence, these clubs can keep their current and potential members continually engaged with their voice and message via particularly well-run social media channels.

Thoughts for the New Year

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 25 January 2017
A gifted orator, but largely unknown nationally, Obama burst onto the political scene with a campaign theme of "Hope and Change," eviscerating the near-term legacy of his predecessor in the process. The country embraced the message and voters elected him president not once, but twice.

Explaining the Business to Your Board

Club Benchmarking - 23 January 2017
The most successful private club executives are in a class of their own when it comes hospitality. They are experts at delivering an extraordinary club experience and managing large teams of people, but we've only met a handful that would be comfortable calling themselves experts in accounting or finance. While that's not surprising since the skillsets are so different, it does present a challenge.

H-2B Visa Cap Met for First Half of FY2017

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 19 January 2017
On January 10, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that the H-2B visa cap for the first half of the 2017 fiscal year had been reached. Currently, the H-2B visa cap set by Congress is 66,000 per fiscal year, with 33,000 to be allocated for employment beginning in the first half of the fiscal year (October 1 - March 31) and 33,000 to be allocated for employment beginning in the second half of the fiscal year (April 1 - September 30). Any unused visas from the first half of the fiscal year will be made available for use by employers seeking to hire H-2B workers during the second half of the fiscal year. However, there is no carry over to the next fiscal year.


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