Steve Graves, Creative Golf Marketing

Private Club Radio - 29 May 2017
In this episode, we’re joined by Steve Graves, President of Creative Golf Marketing. Steve discusses four of the false narratives that plague the private club industry. He’ll show you what those are and how you can combat them in your club. Steve has a wealth of insight to bring from his experience working with over 1,100 clubs.

Terra Waldron, Desert Highlands Association

Private Club Radio - 29 May 2017
This episode of Private Club Radio is sponsored by the National Club Association. In this episode, Terra Waldon, COO of the Desert Highlands Association, discusses what it was like to receive the Club Executive of the Year Award. She was only the second woman in history to receive the honor.

Dr. Matthew J. Samel, Johnson & Wales Univ.

Private Club Radio - 9 May 2017
Dr. Matthew J Samel is the faculty advisor for Johnson & Wales University chapter of the CMAA and gives us some interesting insights into the wants and needs of the next generation of hospitality professionals. We’ll discuss what clubs can do to attract this new generation of talent. In addition, you’ll discover some ideas the students had to create profit centers at private clubs without the need for a large capital expenditure.

Ricky Potts, Troon's Tiburon Naples

Private Club Radio - 10 April 2017
Ricky Potts, Director of Marketing & Communications for Troon’s Tiburon Naples joins us to discuss social media and digital marketing. You’ll learn how to monitor your club’s online reputation and respond to the negative reviews that sometimes surface. We’ll also discover what networks Ricky thinks your cub should be paying attention to and how to use social media as a two way conversation.

Michael Crandal, CNG

Private Club Radio - 27 March 2017
Michael Crandal, CNG joins us to discuss food and beverage issues at private clubs. Find out why your club should never be run like a local restaurant and what you should do instead. Michael also discusses some unique programming he’s created at Mission Hills Country Club in Kansas City during his interim management tenure at the club.

James Reisig, Union Club NY

Private Club Radio - 23 March 2017
Find out the food and beverage trends that are happening this year in our industry. James Reisig is the Director of Dining at the Union Club of the City of New York and the winner of this year’s CMAA Idea Fair. Find out the unique things he and his club are doing to elevate their dining room experience for members.

Marc Ensign, Loud Mouse

Private Club Radio - 13 March 2017
In this episode we unlock the secret to telling a great brand story. Marc Ensign, of LoudMouse Authority Marketing joins us to share the framework of great storytelling. Learn what your club can do to improve its brand through this timeless art. You’ll also hear Marc’s own inspirational story about how he tried to break into Broadway. The obstacles he faced were seemingly insurmountable, but Marc came up with a genius plan. The problem is, it didn’t work. Find out what happened next.

Eddie Bullock, Consultant & Speaker

Private Club Radio - 6 March 2017
On this week’s show we chat with club consultant and speaker, Eddie Bullock, from the United Kingdom. Eddie gives us an update on the state of the golf industry in Europe. He gives us a couple of examples of clubs that are leading the way and driving change in the UK. You’ll learn why more professional golfers are taking on leadership roles at their clubs. He gives us some advice on how a club can be more unique. And we’ll get Eddie’s pick for the one club you’ve got to put on your bucket list.

Jeff Morgan, CEO of the CMAA

Private Club Radio - 16 January 2017
In this episode, Jeff Morgan, CEO of the Club Manager’s Association of America joins us to discuss their recent research on Millennials in conjunction with the the Center for Generational Kinetics. Find out the needs and wants of millennials as well as their dislikes when it comes to private club membership. Learn what they are motivated by and how you can set your club up for success. Download your copy of the research right on the CMAA site.

Dr. James Melton, Leadership Expert

Private Club Radio - 28 November 2016
james-meltonJames Melton, best selling author and celebrated speaker joins us to discuss leadership. This topic was overwhelmingly requested in our private club radio poll at In this episode, you’ll learn the traits of exemplary leadership and how to get there, discover the process for inspiring teams to perform at their peak and find out James’ tips on how to better communicate with your staff.

Brandon Towns, VP Marketing & Sales ClubMark Corporation

Private Club Radio - 24 October 2016
Brandon Towns, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Sales for the ClubMark Corporation joins us to talk membership and marketing. Brandon is a seasoned veteran of the private club industry who has helped hundreds of clubs market their membership offerings. Brandon provides his unique take on the state of marketing in the private club industry and where he sees the industry headed in the near future.

Kathy O'Neal, Club, Resort & Hospitality Consulting

Private Club Radio - 3 October 2016
This week we speak with one of the club industry’s top consultants and speakers, Kathy O’neal of Club, Resort and Hospitality Consulting . Kathy shares with us her steps to successful club programming. You’ll learn the types of events that really work in clubs nowadays and why programming can be a powerful retention tool for your club. You’ll also find out why it’s so important to build a member profile, as well as ways to begin mining that data from your membership. If you’re a member services professional, you’re going to enjoy the ideas and unique perspective Kathy O’Neal brings.

Norm Spitzig, Master Club Advisors

Private Club Radio - 27 September 2016
Norm Spitzig, Principal and Senior Partner and Master Club Advisors joins us once again to discuss the critical components of great private clubs. In addition, you’ll hear Norm’s top four ways that private clubs can successfully market themselves. Ever wonder what characteristics make a great leader? You’ll find out Norm’s take on this as well.

Cam Shultz, VP Marketing VGM Club

Private Club Radio - 27 September 2016
Cam Schultz, Vice President of Marketing for VGM Club and host of the Club Cents podcast joins us today. We’ll learn how VGM Club’s system saves clubs around the country thousands of dollars by offering group purchasing options. Their network of providers has served over 3,500 clubs and counting.

Paul Levy, VP of the PGA of America

Private Club Radio - 15 August 2016
Our guest today is Paul Levy, the current vice president and incoming president of the PGA of America. We cover a lot of ground including Paul’s take on the state of the golf industry, his plans as president of the PGA of America, and how the PGA is engaging the youth in America. Paul also answers a number of listener submitted questions including how to minorities and women more active in the game.

Harvey Weiner, Founding Partner at Search America

Private Club Radio - 8 August 2016
Our guest today is Harvey Weiner, founding partner at Search America - one of the premier executive search firms in the private club industry. By the way, Search America was the private club industry's first senior management search firm , it started over 3 decades ago. That's not Harvey's only first though, he's been credited The post Harvey Weiner, Founding Partner at Search America appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Greg Martin, President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects

Private Club Radio - 1 August 2016
Greg Martin is the President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects and the founder of Martin Design Partnership. Greg joined us to discuss a number of subjects including modern design trends for golf courses, how designers are reacting to the needs of the modern game as well as his personal design philosophy. We The post Greg Martin, President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Whitney Reid Pennell, President RCS Group

Private Club Radio - 25 July 2016
What does every club manager need to know? That's the subject of this week's episode as we chat with Whitney Reid Pennell, President of the Reid Consulting Services. During our conversation Whitney will take you through each facet of the business and explain some of the core competencies managers should have from the first steps The post Whitney Reid Pennell, President RCS Group appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Jim McLaughlin, President of Troon Prive

Private Club Radio - 21 July 2016
Today’s guest is Jim McLaughlin, Senior Vice President Troon Privé Operations. We discuss Jim’s history and learn how Troon Privé works. A fascinating discussion blossomed from a curveball I threw at Jim, asking him what clubs could do to avoid needing his company to save them. I got a REAL answer. He didn’t try to tow the company line or dance around the question…Jim gave me a raw and honest answer that literally nailed it.

Amy McLean-Ragsdale, AMR Retail Consulting

Private Club Radio - 21 July 2016
We chat with merchandising and retail expert Amy McClean-Ragsdale, founder of AMR Retail Consulting Services, to find out the best practices your club should be using in the retail shop. What are the biggest money makers? What are the ways you can cross-promote within the club departments? What’s trending in retail? Find out in this episode.

Bill McMahon, Sr. - McMahon Group

Private Club Radio - 21 July 2016
Bill McMahon Sr. of the McMahon Group. During our interview, we'll discuss why club member satisfaction is on the rise. � In addition, we'll find out some trends in facilities and capital improvement projects. We also get into Bill's� clubhouse architectural background and find out what makes a great design in his opinion. Click here to visit The post Bill McMahon, Sr. - McMahon Group appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Michael Braidwood, Club Managers Association of Europe

Private Club Radio - 27 June 2016
On today's episode, we make a call across the pond to Michael Braidwood, Director of Education at the Club Managers Association of Europe. Michael gives us a rundown of the trends and happenings in the private club industry in Europe and the United Kingdom. We discuss the education that is driving the development of club The post Michael Braidwood, Club Managers Association of Europe appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Brad Steele, VP of Government Relations at National Club Association

Private Club Radio - 22 June 2016
On this episode we chat with the National Club Association's VP of Government Relations and chief lobbyist, Brad Steele. We discuss the Department of Labor's Overtime Exemption ruling, the Environmental Protection Agency's Waters of the United States (WOTUS), as well as other legislative issues affecting private clubs. Click here to visit the National Club Association.� The post Brad Steele, VP of Government Relations at National Club Association appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Ian Church, Knollwood Country Club

Private Club Radio - 22 June 2016
The story of how one private club General Manager managed to reduce expenses and save his club $160k simply by renegotiating the existing contracts he had in his budget. Ian Church of Knollwood CC, formerly of Beacon Hill Country Club, joins us alongside Ed Flanagan, Director at Expense Reduction Analysts.   The post Ian Church, Knollwood Country Club appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Shanna Bright, Private Clubs Online

Private Club Radio - 22 June 2016
We're talking social media this week on Private Club Radio. Our guest is Shanna Bright, Founder of Private Clubs Online and a social media expert. Oftentimes social media is a sticky subject when it comes to private clubs. Club staff and board members often ask questions like: Can private clubs truly remain private if their The post Shanna Bright, Private Clubs Online appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Tom Bennison, Senior VP ClubCorp

Private Club Radio - 30 May 2016
Tom Bennison is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at ClubCorp. Tom joined us during the National Club Conference to discuss ClubCorp’s role and current successes. We find out what Tom is looking for when searching for new acquisitions and what’s driving industry growth. Tom’s interview begins at 47:52.


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