Pleasant Valley Country Club Automates Payroll and HR

ClubPeople - 3 August 2017
Pleasant Valley Country Club, in Little Rock, AR streamlines payroll data with ClubPay Outsourced Payroll & HR to their Jonas Club Management System. PVCC reports- extremely, knowledgeable, positive personnel as the top benefit.

Wired, Not Tired

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 3 August 2017
Creating a one-stop shop for business and pleasure, more clubs are entering the modern age with dedicated spaces for members’ use of their electronic devices. There’s no denying it: Smartphones and other ways to stay connected 24/7 aren’t going away anytime soon. While this “new normal” may be easy to accept in some settings, private-club culture often dictates that the use of electronics is socially undesirable.

Governance Issues Facing Private Clubs And What You Can Do About Them!

BoardRoom Magazine - 1 August 2017
Private clubs to be sustainable, must have boards that fully understand the club’s culture, its core values, the club’s mission and vision, and long-range strategic plan, and what that long-range plan means – a continuing commitment from the club’s board. Board members must be leaders, not interventionists, or second guessers. Knowledge is vital for decision making because a lack of knowledge of the issues can imperil not only the board’s decision-making process, but also the long-term future of not only the club, and the club’s top management and board. Boards must be aware of issues facing their clubs.

Bentley Tees Off With A $100,000 Club

Private Club Marketing - 1 August 2017
Bentley has released their very own set of customized golf clubs. Working with the Japanese company, Seven Dreamers, Bentley promises that these clubs are not all about looks and can go head to head with any other golf clubs in production. There most standard set will cost $3,500 with drivers priced at just under $1,000 dollars, but with the customizations such as Japanese Steel and a leather grip, the cost of a full set is predicted to be in the $100,000 range.

Philosophy Over Service Methods, and Other Important Mentoring Lessons

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 1 August 2017
There are very few aspects of our industry, or any industry for that matter, that allow us to further educate ourselves by reading or sitting in classes. There is really no education that can compare to learning from a mentor who has gained valuable experience throughout their career and is willing to pass those lessons on to the next generation of leaders. That willingness is a fundamental attribute that mentees look for in a mentor.

Hooking a Big One

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 1 August 2017
The fishing-focused pro shop at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch’s new Outfitter Center suits member needs in both style and function. For the past 10½ years, Shane Reynolds, Director of Recreation for The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch in Boerne, Texas, has worked out of a 175-year-old homestead. While the building had a lot of history, serving in its previous lives as a residence, headquarters for a charcoal company, post office, and general store, it was only 1,100 sq. ft., and located in a residential portion of the Cordillera Ranch property.

Get to Know A Golf Course Like the Back of Your Hand

Private Club Marketing - 31 July 2017
Johnny Miller, who was so accurate he asked his caddies to give him the pin distance in half yards has developed a GPS glove. The Zero Friction Distance Pro is a GPS monitor the size of a matchbox that rests on the back of a... The post Get to Know A Golf Course Like the Back of Your Hand appeared first on Private Club Marketing - 2016 Membership Consulting Firm of the Year.

President Matthew Kellogg And Other Relevant Points

BoardRoom Magazine - 29 July 2017
BoardRoom this issue introduces the second of two Distinguished Private Club Presidents for 2016…Matt Kellogg. President Kellogg is being recognized for his distinguished service with the Colorado Golf Club. Earlier in the year, Boardroom recognized Fred Arbuckle, president of The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, and president of 3 Creek Ranch Golf Club in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ass a Distinguished Private Club President.

In Short Supply

Hotel Interactive - 28 July 2017
Three quarters of the earth is covered with water, which might make you think it is plentiful and easy to obtain. But that’s not the case. Water is in short supply in many parts of the world—including the United States— and it’s anything but free. Restrictions on water usage and the increased costs of water have impacted homeowners, business owners and hotels and resorts, particularly those hotels and resorts with golf courses.

Restoring Hoosier Heaven

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles - 27 July 2017
When Terrance Friedman set out in the late 1990s to create Victoria National Golf Club (VNGC) in Newburgh, Ind., all the ingredients were in place to write the next chapter of a classic American-dream story. Friedman was a local-boy-made-good who amassed his fortune as an automotive supplier, and he now wanted to give back to his beloved southern Indiana by building an attraction that would draw more of the world to the region.

Eric Gregory, Blueprint Club Consulting

Private Club Radio - 26 July 2017
In this episode, find out why your club can benefit from long-range capital planning. Every club has hundreds of assets that need to be repaired and replaced over time. With millions of dollars at stake, it’s important to have a plan of action and to make sure funding is in place. Eric Gregory, founder of Blue Print Club Consulting and now partner at GSI Executive Search, walks us through an 8 step process to achieve a solid foundation. You’ll find out what your options and the different ways that you can fund long term capital expenditures. His plan will help your club set itself up for successful operations.

The Best Hi-Tech Gadgets to Help Your Golf Game

Private Club Marketing - 26 July 2017
They come in different shapes and sizes, but they are all designed with one motive in mind, to help bring your game to the next level. This list breaks down the premier hi-tech gadgets that have out performed the competition and will give you the best bang for your buck.

A Proper Dressing Down

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 26 July 2017
Some of the industry’s oldest-school properties are finally shaking themselves loose from hidebound traditions regarding not only dress, but also facility decor and their general club atmospheres.

Tee Off On The New Fairwei

Private Club Marketing - 24 July 2017
Gray Design Studio has released their new yacht design, Fairwei. Pronounced “Fairway.” This yacht measures 344 feet long and is equipped with a putting green and several other greens to tee off from into the ocean. Created to blend the love of the sea with the love of golf, Fairwei is the first of its kind. Once out at sea golfers can use biodegradable balls and tee off in any direction they please. It has also been reported that floating targets and hi-tech swing analysis are included aboard. Despite the golf aspect of this vessel, Gray Design studios did not compromise the yacht experience at all. The interior is stunning and includes a pool as well as a helicopter pad on the front of the yacht.

Golf Wire's Best Recommended Golf Apps

Private Club Marketing - 20 July 2017
There is not a mobile app on the market that can get you to the Master, but there are some that can help shave some numbers off your golf score. Golf Wire has created a list of the best golf apps to help you improve your swing and your ball placement on the fairway. So the next time you’re out on the golf course be sure to have these apps downloaded.

The Best Golf Courses in India

Private Club Marketing - 20 July 2017
India was introduced to golf by the British and when India gained its independence golf stayed with them. Golf courses have sprung up all around India and is currently challenging Cricket and Field Hockey as one of the countries past times. So when traveling to India here are some golf courses you don’t want to miss out on playing.

Political Parties and Their Golfing Statistics

Private Club Marketing - 20 July 2017
Left or Right, everyone loves golf. The rich history and overall fun of playing the game has created friendships and memories to last a lifetime, despite political views. However, politics still affects how the game is played and how the club houses are run. According to an online survey by Golf Digest, Democrats like to walk the course, wear jeans in the club house, and think private member clubs should have less power when it comes to making decisions. Republicans, on the other hand, prefer to ride in a cart, have a more formal dress code, and believe the private member clubs should be able to do whatever they want. Despite the differences in the play, Democrats and Republicans unanimously agree on one thing. That the Bear was the best.

OSHA Update: New Electronic Reporting in 2017

ClubPeople - 20 July 2017
OSHA published a notice of proposed rule making to extend the electronic submission date from July 1, 2017 to December 1, 2017. This action allows time for the new administration to review the electronic reporting requirements prior to implementation, and allows time for affected entities to familiarize themselves with the electronic reporting system, which will be available on August 1st.

Outfitting the Great Outdoors

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 20 July 2017
Investing in updated outdoor furnishings can help clubs better serve—and seat—their members. Pull up a chair and lend an ear: Clubs are revamping their outdoor spaces with furnishings that are not only comfortable, but plentiful. As many members extend their stays to include a post-round/match/swim cocktail or time spent with other families and friends, they’re seeking out a place to sit back and relax.

New $10 Million Dollar Lake Club In Tahoe

Private Club Marketing - 19 July 2017
On Lake Tahoe and 20 minutes away from the Ritz Carlton Hotel sits the new Ritz Lake Club. Despite being a little smaller than most satellite lodges, the Lake Club boasts a 17,000 sq ft sauna and spa. The Lake Club offers a $250-day room access pass or can be rented out for a special events package. There is also an hourly scheduled shuttle that runs to and from the main Ritz Carlton hotel. “We’re thrilled to introduce this new lakefront amenity to our resort guests,” said Marian Wilson, director of sales and marketing of the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe, in a news release. “The Lake Club brings an exciting new element to our resort experience, with unprecedented access to the waterfront and the mountain, showcasing the beautiful marriage of the mountains and the lake.” The Lake Club was designed by Walton Architecture + Engineering, a Tahoe City based firm.

Nike Takes A New Approach To Selling On Instagram

Private Club Marketing - 18 July 2017
Social Media Apps have created a significant opportunity to sell directly to a company’s target customers. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have developed into an online market place by advertising and marketing teams from every industry. However, one platform has stayed relatively untouched. Instagram. With its user’s affinity for fashion and luxury, it is the perfect social media app for a company to market to their customers. Chanel leads the charge in online followers, but there is still a disconnect between liking a post and buying a product.

Inspiration-an Inspiring or Animating Idea, Action or Influence

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 18 July 2017
I have been inspired to write an article about inspiration. Maybe it’s because I hang out with, study, coach, observe, interview, listen to and play with inspiring people. Maybe it’s because I just left an extraordinary vacation destination, drove on one of the most beautiful, scenic drives I have ever taken and come home to a home by the ocean. Maybe it’s because I know people who are building things, writing things, dreaming things and recording things. Maybe it’s because I just watched a fireworks display to celebrate my country’s birthday and I thought about all of the dreams, inspiration, work and determination that went into what makes it so special. Maybe it’s because I just celebrated a significant wedding anniversary with the girl of my dreams. Maybe it’s because my kids seem to be living the lives of their individual designs. Maybe it’s because I have a long-time business partner who inspires me.

Selling Luxury Cars Singapore Style

Private Club Marketing - 17 July 2017
The toy company Matchbox has created a new take on selling cars. No longer will customers have to deal with a pesky salesperson. Instead, they can gaze upon a 150-foot vending machine for luxury cars and pick one out. The whole process takes two minutes, and as the customer waits as their new car is brought down from the 15 story structure, they are shown a video on the features of their new car. Although it may only take two minutes to get the car itself, choosing one can be much more challenging as choices range from a Lamborghini Aventador to a rare 1955 Morgan.

Juy 2017 - CMAA Research and our New Industry Survey

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 17 July 2017
I am excited to share our plans for the topic of our second industry survey that will be launching in the next few weeks. First, I’d like to share an update on CMAA’s research initiative that is now in its second year of development. Research at CMAA is developed through three core research practices: Internally led and performed CMAA research initiatives leveraging expertise of our CMAA staff – Sarah Bal and Amilcar Davy. Internally led, but conducted using an outside research firm according to CMAA’s standards and oversight like the Center for Generational Kinetics and Industry Insights. Member reviewed and approved academic or third-party research meeting CMAA’s Research Guidelines.

The Most Challenging Sand Traps In Golf

Private Club Marketing - 14 July 2017
Some like the challenge, others do not. Regardless of your view on sand traps, they are an interesting addition to the game of golf. Some may claim that their local golf course has the most difficult trap of them all, but they are wrong. Dead wrong in fact because there are sand traps out there that make the small bunker on your par three look like a welcoming patch of fairway.

Golf's $70 Billion Dollar Industry is back

Private Club Marketing - 13 July 2017
Golf lost it’s groove after the housing market crashed in 2008. Millenials had all but left the golf scene. Tiger Woods reputation was tarnished, and everyone seemed to have left golf with a bad taste in their mouth. Golf Courses closed, Nike abandoned golf, and there was a huge gap between old legends like Phil Mickelson and newcomers like Rory McEllroy. However, things are changing. Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler have brought the youth back into golfing, and an estimated 2.5 million new players have joined the sport. Apollo Global Managment trusts that golf will continue to rise and has acquired country club operator ClubCorp Holdings Inc. in a massive takeover for $1.1 billion. Golf is coming back into the mainstream and money is flowing around the sport again.


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