Tee Off On The New Fairwei

Private Club Marketing - 24 July 2017
Gray Design Studio has released their new yacht design, Fairwei. Pronounced “Fairway.” This yacht measures 344 feet long and is equipped with a putting green and several other greens to tee off from into the ocean. Created to blend the love of the sea with the love of golf, Fairwei is the first of its kind. Once out at sea golfers can use biodegradable balls and tee off in any direction they please. It has also been reported that floating targets and hi-tech swing analysis are included aboard. Despite the golf aspect of this vessel, Gray Design studios did not compromise the yacht experience at all. The interior is stunning and includes a pool as well as a helicopter pad on the front of the yacht.

Golf Wire's Best Recommended Golf Apps

Private Club Marketing - 20 July 2017
There is not a mobile app on the market that can get you to the Master, but there are some that can help shave some numbers off your golf score. Golf Wire has created a list of the best golf apps to help you improve your swing and your ball placement on the fairway. So the next time you’re out on the golf course be sure to have these apps downloaded.

The Best Golf Courses in India

Private Club Marketing - 20 July 2017
India was introduced to golf by the British and when India gained its independence golf stayed with them. Golf courses have sprung up all around India and is currently challenging Cricket and Field Hockey as one of the countries past times. So when traveling to India here are some golf courses you don’t want to miss out on playing.

Political Parties and Their Golfing Statistics

Private Club Marketing - 20 July 2017
Left or Right, everyone loves golf. The rich history and overall fun of playing the game has created friendships and memories to last a lifetime, despite political views. However, politics still affects how the game is played and how the club houses are run. According to an online survey by Golf Digest, Democrats like to walk the course, wear jeans in the club house, and think private member clubs should have less power when it comes to making decisions. Republicans, on the other hand, prefer to ride in a cart, have a more formal dress code, and believe the private member clubs should be able to do whatever they want. Despite the differences in the play, Democrats and Republicans unanimously agree on one thing. That the Bear was the best.

Outfitting the Great Outdoors

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 20 July 2017
Investing in updated outdoor furnishings can help clubs better serve—and seat—their members. Pull up a chair and lend an ear: Clubs are revamping their outdoor spaces with furnishings that are not only comfortable, but plentiful. As many members extend their stays to include a post-round/match/swim cocktail or time spent with other families and friends, they’re seeking out a place to sit back and relax.

New $10 Million Dollar Lake Club In Tahoe

Private Club Marketing - 19 July 2017
On Lake Tahoe and 20 minutes away from the Ritz Carlton Hotel sits the new Ritz Lake Club. Despite being a little smaller than most satellite lodges, the Lake Club boasts a 17,000 sq ft sauna and spa. The Lake Club offers a $250-day room access pass or can be rented out for a special events package. There is also an hourly scheduled shuttle that runs to and from the main Ritz Carlton hotel. “We’re thrilled to introduce this new lakefront amenity to our resort guests,” said Marian Wilson, director of sales and marketing of the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe, in a news release. “The Lake Club brings an exciting new element to our resort experience, with unprecedented access to the waterfront and the mountain, showcasing the beautiful marriage of the mountains and the lake.” The Lake Club was designed by Walton Architecture + Engineering, a Tahoe City based firm.

Nike Takes A New Approach To Selling On Instagram

Private Club Marketing - 18 July 2017
Social Media Apps have created a significant opportunity to sell directly to a company’s target customers. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube have developed into an online market place by advertising and marketing teams from every industry. However, one platform has stayed relatively untouched. Instagram. With its user’s affinity for fashion and luxury, it is the perfect social media app for a company to market to their customers. Chanel leads the charge in online followers, but there is still a disconnect between liking a post and buying a product.

Inspiration-an Inspiring or Animating Idea, Action or Influence

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 18 July 2017
I have been inspired to write an article about inspiration. Maybe it’s because I hang out with, study, coach, observe, interview, listen to and play with inspiring people. Maybe it’s because I just left an extraordinary vacation destination, drove on one of the most beautiful, scenic drives I have ever taken and come home to a home by the ocean. Maybe it’s because I know people who are building things, writing things, dreaming things and recording things. Maybe it’s because I just watched a fireworks display to celebrate my country’s birthday and I thought about all of the dreams, inspiration, work and determination that went into what makes it so special. Maybe it’s because I just celebrated a significant wedding anniversary with the girl of my dreams. Maybe it’s because my kids seem to be living the lives of their individual designs. Maybe it’s because I have a long-time business partner who inspires me.

Selling Luxury Cars Singapore Style

Private Club Marketing - 17 July 2017
The toy company Matchbox has created a new take on selling cars. No longer will customers have to deal with a pesky salesperson. Instead, they can gaze upon a 150-foot vending machine for luxury cars and pick one out. The whole process takes two minutes, and as the customer waits as their new car is brought down from the 15 story structure, they are shown a video on the features of their new car. Although it may only take two minutes to get the car itself, choosing one can be much more challenging as choices range from a Lamborghini Aventador to a rare 1955 Morgan.

The Most Challenging Sand Traps In Golf

Private Club Marketing - 14 July 2017
Some like the challenge, others do not. Regardless of your view on sand traps, they are an interesting addition to the game of golf. Some may claim that their local golf course has the most difficult trap of them all, but they are wrong. Dead wrong in fact because there are sand traps out there that make the small bunker on your par three look like a welcoming patch of fairway.

Golf's $70 Billion Dollar Industry is back

Private Club Marketing - 13 July 2017
Golf lost it’s groove after the housing market crashed in 2008. Millenials had all but left the golf scene. Tiger Woods reputation was tarnished, and everyone seemed to have left golf with a bad taste in their mouth. Golf Courses closed, Nike abandoned golf, and there was a huge gap between old legends like Phil Mickelson and newcomers like Rory McEllroy. However, things are changing. Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler have brought the youth back into golfing, and an estimated 2.5 million new players have joined the sport. Apollo Global Managment trusts that golf will continue to rise and has acquired country club operator ClubCorp Holdings Inc. in a massive takeover for $1.1 billion. Golf is coming back into the mainstream and money is flowing around the sport again.

Aston Martin is Taking over the Nine in Hard Rock Stadium

Private Club Marketing - 13 July 2017
Aston Martin is offering an unmatched luxury experience in the Miami Dolphin’s new Hard Rock Stadium. The NINE is a luxury box on the 30-yard line of the Miami Dolphin’s stadium, and it is getting a huge upgrade. Aston Martin is taking over and giving the guests an ultimate experience this season. Guests will receive a private chauffeured ride to the stadium on game days with their own entrance to the stadium and game day concierge. Along with exclusive showings of new Aston Martins and preferred living arrangments at Aston Martin’s new living residence at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way. Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Todd Kline had this to say about the partnership. “We are proud to join forces with Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way, an aspirational brand synonymous with luxury and customer experience; Hard Rock Stadium is a global entertainment destination. Partnering with Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way and G&G Business Developments, two groups that resonate worldwide with a local presence, was important to us and fits the aesthetics and culture of The NINE.”

10 Bucket List Golf Holes

Private Club Marketing - 11 July 2017
Whether they are on the acclaimed courses of the world or have the most incredible design ever imagined, these golf holes should find a place on every golfer’s bucket list. Pebble Beach has always been a premier golf spot, but the 6th hole captures the beauty of the course. A difficult hole, to say the least, it is still a joy to play because every stroke leads you further out onto the point and closer to the ocean.

17 of London's Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs

Private Club Marketing - 10 July 2017
While areas such as Mayfair and Pall Mall are still synonymous with the members club scene, an explosion of more accessible, affordable, and arguably trendier clubs have shaken things up. Whether you are looking for a wellbeing sanctuary, to indulge in the world of fine wine, fine art, live performances, and intrepid exploring, or just somewhere with cool rooms where cool-looking people hang out, each club has its very own niche, making it ever trickier to pick the right one.

Help Out Your Short Game in a Big Way

Private Club Marketing - 7 July 2017
Michael Croley says the PXG’s New 0311T Milled Wedges need to find a place in your bag this summer. PXG has specialized their design so that the wedge grooves are now at the maximum volume allowed by the USGA. They are incredibly forgiving, enabling you to attack the ball and put an enormous amount of backspin on each hit. They come in four different designs for different turf conditions and have the coolest names since Big Bertha.

Practicing Cutting-Edge Safety

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds - 7 July 2017
While mowing is a routine practice for golf course maintenance staffs, superintendents must be diligent about providing proper and consistent training to ensure the safety of their workers when operating equipment.

The Magic Touch

Club & Resort Business - Management - 6 July 2017
Joe Furlow’s accomplishments in reviving The Academy of Magical Arts have been every bit as eye-opening as the acts that perform in the Hollywood, Calif., club each night—and also worthy of Excellence in Club Management honors.

Social Clubs Thrive by Meeting Younger Demographic

Private Club Marketing - 29 June 2017
Social Clubs are on the rise. With the new world of social media, Social Clubs might seem an outdated form of interaction but they’re not. They have managed to blend and adapt with the changing media outlets and set themselves up to be in the forefront of social media and business strategy. Not to long ago bringing a laptop of computer into a social club lounge would be frowned upon, but today it’s welcomed. Social Clubs have always been a place where clients and potential business partners meet and discuss future deals and now with added technology they are thriving.

Hire the Right People and Get Out of the Way

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 29 June 2017
Of course [the Board has] to monitor budgets and approve capital expenditures—but then they should get out of the way and enjoy the club. Given the economic demographics of clubs, there will be a disproportionate number of type-A personalities. Most people who belong to a club have had successful careers, are in the upper tier of income earners, and are very self-confident.

5 Private Member Clubs Worth Joining 2017

Private Club Marketing - 28 June 2017
Welcome to the new millennium of private membership clubs. They have since shed their dark wood floors of the past and refurbished themselves to encompass the new era of luxury and technology. Networking has changed from a tedious task to a favored past time in the sleek bars and lounge areas of these membership clubs. The following is a comprehensive list of the best private membership clubs that you should definitely consider joining.

5 Best Private Member Clubs Worth Joining 2017

Private Club Marketing - 28 June 2017
Welcome to the new millennium of private membership clubs. They have since shed their dark wood floors of the past and refurbished themselves to encompass the new era of luxury and technology. Networking has changed from a tedious task to a favored past time in the sleek bars and lounge areas of these membership clubs. The following is a comprehensive list of the best private membership clubs that you should definitely consider joining.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Increase Visibility of your Club

Private Club Marketing - 11 June 2017
Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets users post a series of photos and videos that play as a slideshow and disappear after 24 hours, has revolutionized online marketing for all brands—private clubs included. Zack Bates, CEO at Private Club Marketing, walks membership and marketing directors through the 10 steps of establishing an effective Instagram Stories strategy that keeps them relevant, gets them noticed, and earns them engaged members.

Congratulations! You've lost your job!

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 6 June 2017
In 2003 CMAA asked me to start a coaching program to support its members. This is one of the first articles I ever submitted. It seems like I have been sending it out to a lot of people lately. If you have recently lost a job please read it, if you haven’t recently lost a job, please read it so you don’t.

What Makes Walk-In Gym Membership Prospects Walk-In?

Gym Insight Blog - 1 June 2017
Someone recently made a very excellent comment on the Gym Insight Blog. The commenter posted that, while walk-ins are great, they don’t just materialize out of thin air, clubs have to work for them.

A Taste of Reality

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 30 May 2017
Unfortunately, in this case the barrage of brutal food criticisms was not just delivered to a club or resort manager, but to the million or so people who read The Washington Post each day. Imagine if you opened your e-mail in-box one day, or found a letter on your desk, and someone had written this to you about the food at your property:

Steve Graves, Creative Golf Marketing

Private Club Radio - 29 May 2017
In this episode, we’re joined by Steve Graves, President of Creative Golf Marketing. Steve discusses four of the false narratives that plague the private club industry. He’ll show you what those are and how you can combat them in your club. Steve has a wealth of insight to bring from his experience working with over 1,100 clubs.


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