Imperial Golf Club partners with ClubPay

ClubPeople - 16 November 2017
Imperial Golf Club in Naples Florida, partners with ClubPay to manage their club's payroll, timekeeping, and growing HR needs. Now, having made the switch, Thomas Smith, Chief Business Officer at Imperial GC says, "They live up to their reputation, our implementation representative went above and beyond to get us what we needed, and was a steady presence as we went through it all."

Art + Private Clubs Discussion with Kevin Barry Fine Art

Private Club Marketing - 16 November 2017
A conversation between leaders about trends on refreshing Art and aesthetics of Private Clubs. Kevin Barry sits down with Zack Bates, CEO, Private Club Marketing to discuss ART + PRIVATE CLUBS.

New Private Clubs Embrace Young Creative Class

Private Club Marketing - 15 November 2017
Facilities such as Soho Beach House in Miami and Common House in Charlottesville, Va., offer co-working spaces, screening rooms, rooftop pools, networking opportunities, and other private amenities in cities in which space is a premium. 'We've see a huge jump in the number of the... The post New Private Clubs Embrace Young Creative Class appeared first on Private Club Marketing - 2016 Membership Consulting Firm of the Year.

If Not Now, When?

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 14 November 2017
As coaches we have the opportunity to work with our clients at many stages of their lives and their careers. Some people are in a stage of repair when they are working on efforts to make a segment of their life better or to fix a problem. Some are in a stage of foundation where they are making sure that everything is in place to set them up for a more effortlessly successful life. Some are in a stage of reserves where things are in place and they have more than enough of the important things in life. Some come to us in a stage of mastery where they are thriving and they are living the life they have designed.

A New Branch of Service

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds - 14 November 2017
In addition to the turfgrass that provides top-notch playing conditions, golf course superintendents have seen regular tree care take root as an important part of their maintenance strategies and routines. Golf course superintendents have many duties in their day-to-day jobs, and some of those tasks are more conventional than others. First and foremost, of course, they are responsible for managing the turf on their properties to create the best possible playing conditions. However, routine tree management has also become standard procedure.

Henry DeLozier, Global Golf Advisors

Private Club Radio - 13 November 2017
This week we chat with Henry DeLozier, partner at Global Golf Advisors and voted one of the 10 Most-Recommended Consultants in the Golf Industry by Golf Inc. Henry shares his thoughts on trends within the private club industry and shares his best tips for club sustainability in the modern world. Henry's background is in real The post Henry DeLozier, Global Golf Advisors appeared first on Private Club Radio.

Principles of Employee Relations

Hospitality Resources International | Ideas and Information - 13 November 2017
We have spoken frequently about the importance of well-defined values in club operations. None is more important that the manner in which we conduct our employee relations. Here is a sample statement of those values.

One Tax Loophole Untouched So Far: the Trump Golf-Course Break

National Real Estate Investor (NREI) - 10 November 2017
While Republicans are eliminating many write-offs, the House version of the bill allows golf-course owners to claim deductions for promising never to build on their

Posh new Philly club to target city's emerging youthful elite

Private Club Marketing - 9 November 2017
Before the development of the new, posh Fitler Club, when it was known as the Marketplace Design Center, 2400 Market St. was a lightly trafficked building in what remained a fringe neighborhood at the far west of Philadelphia’s central business district. Hospitality financier David Gutstadt now wants to turn part of the building, which will also soon host Aramark Corp.’s new world headquarters, into a center for the social lives of the city’s emerging business, tech and cultural elite.

Playing Outside

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 9 November 2017
Properties are moving activity out of the clubhouse by creating innovative outdoor recreational amenities. Having fun outdoors isn’t strictly child’s play. But as the average age of club and resort members continues to skew younger each season, properties must maintai

November Blog: Effective Listening

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 9 November 2017
We have just finished the National Student Educational Conference in Washington, DC. For me, this event provides an opportunity to mingle with the future of club management. It is also a time for me to listen

Build a better budget painlessly

Global Golf Advisors - Insights - 7 November 2017
Don’t put off creating next years budget any longer. Let’s dive into some strategies and tactics that can help break the budgeting process into manageable chunks and reduce the accompanying fear. Standards of Excellence. Standards-setting must precede budgeting to ensure that club leaders and management are aligned in communicating expectations. At the highest levels, the standards should be affirmative, simply stated and realistic. These statements serve as Magnetic North to give departmental managers a clear-cut understanding of the desired destinations.

Do People Want To Work For You?

Global Golf Advisors - Insights - 7 November 2017
A few years ago, when unemployment levels were double what they are today, most businesses could afford to dismiss this question as moot. People hurt by the recession and struggling to find employment wanted to work for anyone. That’s no longer the case.

Bazaar's Favorite Private Members' Clubs in London

Private Club Marketing - 6 November 2017
There are some super secretive and exclusive clubs out there. No, these aren’t Illuminati clubs that require a secret knock for entry. These are highly exclusive private clubs that only accept the most qualified of the qualified. Here is a quick look at the top pick’s of London from Harper’s Bazaar that require far more than an online registration to get in.

BBC Article: Ever Fancied Joining a Private Members' Club?

Private Club Marketing - 2 November 2017
A new breed of fashionable private members clubs are growing in popularity around the world, promising to be more inclusive and diverse than their stuffy older counterparts. Yet while the newer venues like Soho House, Common House and The Hospital Club certainly have far more youthful millennial memberships, you certainly don’t need to have gone to a posh school or university, they still have high joining fees and strict vetting processes.

On the Brighter Side

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 2 November 2017
After nearly 20 years, Cape Cod National Golf Club refreshed its main dining room to create the contemporary, versatile space the club needs. With its 20-year anniversary coming up next June, Cape Cod National Golf Club in Brewster, Mass., seized the opportunity to revive the look of its clubhouse from the ground up.

Quail Lodge & GC Comes Back With Style

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles - 31 October 2017
The scenic Carmel, Calif., property has had several operating profiles in its 50-plus years, including a period when it was on prolonged life support. But a new ownership-management combination has restored its reputation as a distinctive destination. Even though it wasn’t founded until the tail end of the original Baby Boom, the property in Carmel, Calif., that’s now known as Quail Lodge & Golf Club has been through as many changes—and has faced as many challenges to its existence—as other clubs or resorts with twice the chronological timeline.

Lisa Brantly, Instagram Influencer

Private Club Radio - 30 October 2017
You may have seen her on Instagram, but you probably don’t know her backstory. We learn all about Lisa Marie Brantly in this episode of Private Club Radio. Find out what influencer marketing is and how your club can work with influencers to promote your property, special events and membership.

Top 5 Reasons Autumn (Fall) Golf Is So Great

Private Club Marketing - 26 October 2017
With summer somewhat of a distant memory and autumn upon us, there is still lots of great golf to enjoy. So don’t put away the sticks quite yet. It is true that start times might be a little later but crisp cool weather, clear skies and beautiful course conditions all make fall a great time to enjoy an extra round of golf or two.

House Bill Would Make E-Verify Mandatory

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 26 October 2017
In September, Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) introduced HR 3711, the Legal Workforce Act. The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill on October 25 by a vote of 20-10.

Gratuity Socialism

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 26 October 2017
An automatic gratuity is nothing other than a forced entitlement that makes sure the revenue is there to support the staff. The true costs are masked and called something else. It’s easy to see that the recession is over. I can’t go anywhere without seeing “help wanted” signs in every store window—especially foodservice outlets, and even more so with fast food. Almost every club in the country has to compete with every retailer in town for what are now scarce employees.

7 Low Cost Gym Businesses For Fitness Entrepreneurs

Gym Insight Blog - 25 October 2017
Do you want to become an entrepreneur in fitness and operate a small gym business? If you build a full-service fitness club from scratch, you’re looking at an investment the size of a house.

Rising to the Occasion

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 25 October 2017
Not surprisingly, the reports we received from Texas and Florida clubs just weeks after Harvey and Irma hit were already more about progress than pain.

OSHA's Top Ten Most Cited Violations for 2017

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 23 October 2017
Preliminary data on the 2017 most cited violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was recently previewed at the 2017 National Safety Council's Congress & Expo and published by Safety + Health magazine.

Let's Stay Connected!

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 23 October 2017
I think it was just after the Olympics when we got to spend a day with the Kueblers in Vancouver. We had a wonderful day with so many great experiences and conversations. I remember them telling us about two great restaurants in the Jupiter area. One was called “Leftovers” and the other was called “Harry and the Natives.” I had been to the first one a few times and loved it. Yesterday I woke up in Hobe Sound Florida. I knew that is where Harry and the Natives hang out. I punched it into my GPS System and it was a mile and a half away. It was 11:20 a.m. when I got there. The parking lot was pretty full but I got a spot. I opened the door and it was busy but it seemed that they had been waiting all of these years for me to arrive. I watched in amazement as people walked in and multiple people on staff would call them by name. The food was hearty and good! But this place was truly serving love and connection. Every staff member seemed to be consistent in their joy and friendliness. Especially Harry! Yes there is a Harry! It was clear that everyone loved Harry as much as he loved them.

Platinum Clubs of America announces Preferred Partnership with Private Club Marketing

Private Club Marketing - 20 October 2017
Dennis W. Burns, Executive Director at Club Leaders Forum explains, “Our exclusive list of Platinum Clubs are always looking for ways to better communicate with their members, drive referrals and increase value and we are delighted to align ourselves with one of the most respected and innovative Membership and Marketing Consulting firms in the nation.


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