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    Realistic uses for artificial intelligence are increasing, making way for machine-based assistance in accounting, marketing, customer service and more. This feature details current scenarios where robotics is used in the business environment, such as for accounting tasks.

A Shiny New Model at the CC of Detroit

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles·22 February 2018
An innovative “Summer Village” concept and sleek new amenities within its classic, Tudor Revival-style clubhouse have revved up activities and member excitement at the venerable Motor City property. The recession at the end of the last decade posed unprecedented challenges to many well-established, traditional clubs that had prospered for years based primarily on their history, reputation and the strength of the huge initiation fees they could command.

2018 Club Governance Model Executive Summary

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·22 February 2018
The Club Governance Model (Model), which was developed in 2007 and updated in 2018, is built upon accepted principles and best practices in nonprofit governance. Although this Model is directed primarily toward member-owned clubs, the principles embodied in the Model are no less applicable to clubs with a different ownership structure. The primary purpose of the Model is to optimize the most fundamental quality of a governance system – the smooth flow of authority from the club owners to the club staff and the corresponding flow of accountability from the staff back to the club owners. The Model, as shown in the flow chart below, is simply a set of principles designed to keep communications throughout the organization clear and the roles of key participants unambiguous.

Finding Maximum Utility

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds·20 February 2018
As they continue to be made more versatile and more durable, utility vehicles are taking on increasing importance as an indispensable part of golf course maintenance operations. It might be easy to take it for granted, but the relationship between superintendents and golf course utility vehicles should not be overlooked. Sure, their companionship and loyalty can’t compare to what’s provided by the dogs that accompany many superintendents on their regular tours around the course. But these four-wheeled vehicles have become just as important to golf course operations as superintendents’ four-legged friends.

Joe Abely & Dave Duval, Club Board Pros

Private Club Radio·16 February 2018
In this episode we’ll discuss the survey results from the 2017 Board Best Practices Survey. We’re joined by the team of Joseph Abely and David Duval from Club Board Professionals. Together with Condon O’Meara McGinty & Donnelly, CPA’s, they surveyed over 100 private clubs from around the country.

Tracking You Gym Business Alternate Revenue Streams

Gym Insight Blog·15 February 2018
Given monthly members, good retention, profitable premium products, and alternative revenue streams, how do you keep track of it all? The alternative revenue streams are those oddball types of income that can get lost in the mix if you don’t have an adequate system for recording revenue and membership status.

Taking the Long View

Club & Resort Business - Management·15 February 2018
A strong partnership with its insurance providers helps to keep Colleton River Club on course, even when Mother Nature shows her capricious side. After Hurricane Irma failed to split Florida in half last fall, as had been breathlessly suggested amid the hysterical hype as the storm approached, most of the news organizations that had descended on the state to report on the impending disaster packed up and went back to where they’d come from, convinced that the “story” was over.

Fab Five

Club & Resort Business - Management·13 February 2018
The 2017 winners of the Excellence in Club Management Awards, co-sponsored by the McMahon Group and Club & Resort Business. McMahon Group, Inc., the St. Louis-based consulting firm, and Club & Resort Business have announced the 2017 recipients of the Excellence in Club Management (ECM) Awards, established in 1997 by the McMahon Group and co-sponsored The post Fab Five appeared first on Club & Resort Business.

Deep Dive

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation· 8 February 2018
Properties are heeding members’ requests for more elaborate, top-notch pool facilities, with projects that range from cosmetic updates to full-fledged, resort-style renovations. As one of the most ubiquitous components of club and resort life, pools are the bread and butter for many facilities. But once pools begin to degrade and no longer represent the lifestyle and image members have come to expect, clubs must determine what types of enhancements are necessary. Be it an aesthetic upgrade of a stand-alone facility, or a complete overhaul of a larger complex, many properties are making a splash with pool amenities that are truly plunge-worthy.

Is Your Club Truly Member-Centric

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 6 February 2018
In 2017, Toymaker LEGO announced that revenues had hit a record high, rising 6 per cent to DKr37.9bn (stg£4.4bn) – the highest ever annual level recorded in its 85-year history. Profits were also higher, with operating profit up 1.7 per cent to DKr12.4bn and net profit up 2.2 per cent to DKr9.4bn.

Members-Only Soho Club Is Mulling an IPO

skift.com - Hotels· 5 February 2018
Everyone knows Groucho Marx’s old gag about refusing to belong to any club that would have him as a member. Here’s a 21st-century twist: An exclusive club that usually snubs financiers now wants their help to take it public.

February 2018: CMAA Bylaw Changes - Your Voice and Vote Count!

CMAA CEO's Perspective· 5 February 2018
The World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo is almost upon us and with it, a time of transition at CMAA. Transition comes in the form of leadership changes that includes new Board officers and directors, and new member volunteer committee assignments. Before we arrive at the month of March, I first want to look back. I am amazed and grateful to the hundreds of CMAA volunteers and all the work they did in 2017. I can’t wait to share more with you during my State of the Association address, and the soon to be released CMAA 2017 Annual Report. Still, one important 2017 member volunteer action needs your attention!

EPA Delays Applicability of WOTUS Rule for Two Years

CMAA Legislative Report Blog· 5 February 2018
On January 31, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of the Army (Army) finalized a rule adding an applicability date to the 2015 Clean Water Rule.

Hotel Icon launches 'Club and Suite' online auction upgrades

eHotelier.com· 4 February 2018
“Today’s travelers are digital natives,” according to Richard Hatter, the General Manager of Hotel ICON and “by leveraging on technology, they want to have control over their entire journey, from researching the hotels, comparing prices, to the actual booking process.

The Keys to Successful Strategic Planning

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 2 February 2018
Research by Global Golf Advisors indicates more than 80% of top performing clubs believe they are working to a strategic plan. But are they? 'It is absolutely true 80% of clubs wish to have a strategic plan and truly intend to have a strategic plan, but if the road to hell is paved with good The post The Keys to Successful Strategic Planning appeared first on Global Golf Advisors.

Lessons from a Challenging Year

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles· 1 February 2018
What all clubs can learn about risk management and disaster recovery from the floods, hurricanes and wildfires that disrupted many properties in 2017. Many club and resort properties honor nature by including words such as lake, forest or woods as prominent parts of their names. But when Mother Nature is of a mind to show her nastier side, such tributes are never enough to spare any property that might find itself in her path.

Brand-New Club Summit: Reach for Success

HFTP Connect·31 January 2018
In today’s digital age where almost anything you need to know can be found online, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I attend a professional development conference?” Professional conferences are just as important as ever today. The greatest advantage of a conference — like HFTP’s brand-new Club Summit — is the vital opportunity to assemble with a group of club professionals and experts addressing the industry’s most compelling topics all in one place. By attending a conference, you can create meaningful connections with your professional peers, reinvigorate your enthusiasm for your work, develop a stronger skillset, and learn valuable strategies that you can take back to your organization to implement a better future.

Five Things

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary·30 January 2018
Change is progress and we resist it at our peril. Will Rogers famously said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Change isn’t easy. If it were, we would keep our New Year’s resolutions for more than two or three weeks (and I am being generous here). Change is progress, and we resist it at our peril. Will Rogers famously said, “Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Brad Rudover, Country Club X

Private Club Radio·29 January 2018
On this episode we are joined by Brad Rudover, founder of Country Club X. It’s a first of its kind country club – completely digital. Members around the country and even around the world can connect with each other for reciprocal privileges at their respective clubs.

Jim Butler, CEO Club Benchmarking

Private Club Radio·29 January 2018
On this episode we’re joined by the new CEO of Club Benchmarking, Jim Butler. He’ll tell us about the exciting new developments happening at Club Benchmarking and some of the new insights their data is gleaning. We’ll also dive into a little of Jim’s history, and learn why his background is a perfect fit to help clubs across the country use data to make better decisions.

Front and Center

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation·25 January 2018
More club properties are investing in prominent fitness facilities with the latest amenities that meet the needs of wellness-minded members. The New Year poses a prime opportunity for club properties, as members look for a convenient setting where they can fulfill their resolutions for maintaining (or just beginning) a healthy lifestyle. To position themselves as the workout place of choice, clubs are enhancing their fitness facilities and amenities with updated equipment, ample space for group classes, and motivational wellness programming. Such improvements to this facet of club life can help management maximize member benefits while providing a truly all-inclusive package for an increasingly health-conscious community.

Restoring the Grandeur

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds·23 January 2018
An in-house tree removal project at the Cascades Course, part of the historic Omni Homestead Resort, has improved maintenance inputs and turf health—and returned the iconic, William Flynn design to its roots.

National Golf Day Is April 25

CMAA Legislative Report Blog·22 January 2018
Annually, CMAA joins the leaders of the US golf industry’s most prominent Allied Associations in meeting with members of Congress and their staffs to highlight and discuss golf's significant economic, environmental, and human contributions for National Golf Day. The 11th annual event will be held on April 25, 2018. Read more... (log in required)

A Discipline of Planning

Hospitality Resources International | Ideas and Information·22 January 2018
Managing a club without a plan is like driving through a strange land without a road map. Given the size, complexity, and money invested in making a club successful, why would anyone consider operating it by the seat of one’s pants? Yet, this is exactly what managers do when they fail to establish a discipline of formal planning. And make no mistake about it, it is a discipline – requiring managers and supervisors at all levels to conceive and document their plans for upcoming periods and specific events. It also requires that the General Manager review all planning documents, as well as review progress toward completing those plans on an ongoing basis.

New Tax Reform Bill Impact on Businesses

ClubPeople·19 January 2018
After passing both the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives, President Donald Trump signed the new tax reform bill, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, into law on December 22, 2017. This tax reform bill, is based on a tax reform plan that was developed in consultation with the Trump administration, and will make significant changes to the federal tax code.

Private Club Marketing CEO Zack Bates Named to 25 Most Influential People in Luxury Digital to Follow

Private Club Marketing·19 January 2018
Since Verb Brands curated their last installment of the leading luxury influencers in 2015, the world of digital marketing has been revolutionized again. Luxury brands are now starting to catch up with the rest of the industry and deliver incredible, immersive and customer-focused digital experiences. 2017 was been led by some incredible brands and some incredible people behind those brands including Digital Director at Soho House & Co Kris Shaw, Jeremy Langmead the Brand & Content Director at Mr Porter, Tiffany Dowd founder of Luxe Social Media, and Anna Nash Head of Global PR and Communications at Aman Resorts. Here is Verb Brands’ list of the 25 most influential leaders in the current luxury digital world, rounded out by Private Club Marketing’s CEO Zack Bates.

Creating Strong Club Culture

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·16 January 2018
“CULTURE EATS STRATEGY for breakfast,” said management guru Peter Drucker. For clubs, culture is governance, and private club strategy—no matter how good and well-conceived—will be a victim to poor governance. According to Fred Laughlin, nonprofit governance expert and an associate at Global Golf Advisors (GGA), “the board speaks with one voice—in writing,” in clubs that are well governed. When you omit either one of two key concepts in the phrase, you invite dysfunctions.


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