The Top 18 New Hotels in 2018

WATG Blog (Design) - 12 December 2017
AD circled the globe to bring you the most travel-worthy properties debuting now and throughout next year The phrase “luxury hotel” has a wide array of connotations. But a general consensus among well-traveled guests is that properties with a true sense of place, and those that are an extension of the area’s history, are exemplars of true luxurious style. The hotels that are new and exciting for 2018 are those that are not only well-designed but that go far above and beyond brand recognition.

Melting Spot

WATG Blog (Design) - 6 December 2017
In this era of hyperlocal inspiration and ever-changing city maps, “authentic” doesn’t just mean what’s right outside the hotel’s front door. To feel real, local means understanding what’s ingrained in the mentality of the people who live or work in the neighborhood—not just the architecture or the landmark reference points. Getting into their heads and learning all the cultural cues and lifestyle hacks that shape the unique character of the locale is the minimum daily requirement for distilling non-Instagram moments into wow design.

Art: Blank Canvas

WATG Blog (Design) - 6 December 2017
Along with capturing the bustling streets of New York’s Chinatown, artist Mr. EwokOne wanted to infuse his mural, all done with aerosol spray paint, with overwhelming color, forcing guests to “slowly digest everything on the walls around,” he says.

Create a Stylish Festive Interior This Holiday Season with Key Tips from Our Designers

WATG Blog (Design) - 1 December 2017
Brighten up the winter evenings with accents of rich green, red and millennial pink. “Millennial Pink’s popularity knows no bounds and is set to add a touch of luxe to your festive palette. Add soft blush pink flowers into festive floral arrangements of lush green and berries this year for a contemporary twist.” Sophie Deeley, Project Designer, London.

It's not blue, it's not green - it's teal

WATG Blog (Design) - 17 November 2017
The hue we associate most with the Eighties and Nineties is back in. The new BBC adaptation of EM Forster’s Howards End has been a hot topic this week, but for those with a keen eye for interiors it is the luscious teal walls of the Schlegel house that have been the talking point. Designers say that this jewel tone is enjoying a renaissance, in part because of the so-called “neo-nostalgia” movement sweeping through the interiors world: a host of retro colours, products and prints, particularly from the Eighties and Nineties, are back in vogue. “Until recently, whenever the word ‘teal’ was mentioned it evoked memories of shoulder pads, Windows 95 and The Golden Girls, but the generation-defining hue is back and has reached a new level of popularity,” says Rachel Johnson, the studio director of Wimberly Interiors.

Glamour and Intrigue Aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient Express

WATG Blog (Design) - 3 November 2017
On Thursday, the 2nd of November, the 2017 film version of “Murder on the Orient Express” received its world premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall. A galaxy of stars populated the 1974 original screen version, and forty-three years later a prestigious stellar cast will add a new lustre to the gripping intrigue of Agatha Christie’s 1934 classic fictional novel. Naturally the film is set to regenerate interest amongst aficionados of authentic luxury rail experiences, who will be inspired to board one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the mere mention of this film and your thoughts and mental imagery immediately transport you into a world of glamour and luxury that evokes the golden age of travel.

Greenspace Takes Over London with WATG's 'Green Block' Proposal

WATG Blog (Design) - 25 October 2017
London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposed the challenge — how does London become a designated National Park City– and WATG, London-based landscape team, headed by Demet Karaoglu, accepted the challenge. In addressing the Mayor’s challenge, the team worked with Daniel Raven-Ellison, Guerrilla Geographer and Creative Explorer leading London’s campaign to become the world’s first National Park City.

4 train journeys that are posher than a 5-star hotel

WATG Blog (Design) - 25 October 2017
Someone is going to pop their clogs on the Orient Express. Well, that’s Agatha Christie for you – and how better to celebrate next month’s Hollywood remake of Murder on the Orient Express than with a jaunt on the actual Orient Express? Book for next March, when they will be unveiling three grand suites on the classic journey from London to Venice. The train’s first ever ensuite cabins (no more loo-sharing with Poirot) are named after its most famous destinations. Rachel Johnson (no, not that one), of Wimberly Interiors, is the brains behind the designs, and she has attributed a style to each one – elegance for Paris, grandeur for Venice and opulence for Istanbul. All three will be resplendent with the train’s art-deco signature style, as well as original polished-brass hardware, pedigree Lalique and Murano glass all over the place. Sell a kidney now for a reservation.

WATG and Wimberly Interiors' Designs Celebrated by Conde Nast Traveller 2017 Readers' Travel Awards

WATG Blog (Design) - 19 October 2017
The votes have been cast and counted and it’s with pleasure that we announce that WATG and Wimberly Interiors have had an impressive selection of hotels and resorts recognised in the Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Travel Awards 2017.

Winners Crowned at WATG's Inaugural Architectural Bake-Off in Singapore

WATG Blog (Design) - 17 October 2017
World renowned and award winning integrated design firm, WATG, hosted the first Great Architectural Bake-Off in Singapore on Saturday, 14 October 2017. The inaugural event, which was held in partnership with Archifest 2017, saw some of Singapore’s biggest design firms battle it out, as they competed head-to-head to create some of the world’s most iconic buildings, entirely out of cake.

Singapore's first Great Architectural Bake-Off sees icons like Esplanade created entirely out of cake

WATG Blog (Design) - 16 October 2017
Betcha didn’t know the Esplanade could not only look like durian but smell and taste like the King of Fruits too. Of course, we’re not talking about the actual structure, but the re-creation of the iconic local attraction at Singapore’s (and Asia’s) inaugural Great Architectural Bake-Off on Saturday. Hosted by global architectural firm WATG here, the contest is inspired by popular reality series The Great British Bake Off.

Great Architectural Bake Off Builds Big In NYC

WATG Blog (Design) - 9 October 2017
We love architecture at Haute Residence—beautiful traditional builds, incredible modern structures, and everything between. Never have we ever seen a building we’d want to eat though—until last week’s Great Architectural Bake Off came to New York.

New wing debuts at Regent Porto Montenegro

WATG Blog (Design) - 3 October 2017
The Regent Porto Montenegro debuted an Aqua Wing this month, featuring 62 suites and guestrooms overlooking the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club on the Adriatic Coast. The one-, two- and three-bedroom units are equipped with full-size kitchens and living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms as well as flat-screen TVs and Bose sound systems. The new wing was designed by WATG Architects of London and MHZ interiors of Paris, and many units feature outdoor balconies or terraces offering unobstructed sea and mountain views.

Welcome to history: How royal dwellings turn into luxury hotels

WATG Blog (Design) - 2 October 2017
Transforming storied heritage residences into luxury hotels is all about striking a balance between conservation and commercial requirements In properties like the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, the royal family stays on the premises. Restoration artists work closely with them while redoing the estate.

Rethinking Resort Renovations: The Power of Landscape Design

WATG Blog (Design) - 2 October 2017
In keeping with the evolving tastes and needs of today’s contemporary traveler, resorts must keep up with the desire for unique, fresh and authentic experiences. Over the last few years, the hospitality industry has experienced a resurgence in renovations, especially in the Mediterranean, where hoteliers are battling to refresh, revitalise and stay ahead of the competition.

The Great Architectural Bake-Off is coming to Singapore

WATG Blog (Design) - 25 September 2017
Baking and architecture come together in this delicious competition at Archifest 2017 Ask any Brit and he or she will tell you that The Great British Bake Off reality television series is an entertainment institution. While the show isn’t finding its way to Singapore anytime soon, we’re all set for the next best thing: The Great Architectural Bake-Off.

WATG Presents - The Great Architectural Bake-Off

WATG Blog (Design) - 20 September 2017
Award-winning architectural firm, WATG, brings The Great Architectural Bake-Off to the sunny shores of Singapore World renowned and award winning integrated design firm, WATG, is bringing The Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO) to Singapore. Following the success of the event in London and New York, Singapore has been chosen to host Asia’s inaugural event.

WATG's Great Architectural Bake-Off

WATG Blog (Design) - 13 September 2017
Last year WATG and Wimberly Interiors brought the Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO) to NYC for the first time. The London event, which has now run successfully for three years, has witnessed some of the world’s most iconic buildings rise out of butter and flour, at the hands of some of the biggest design firms. We are thrilled to announce that GABO will make an exciting return during Archtober on Tuesday, October 3rd. Renowned names in design will once again be invited to recreate the world’s most iconic buildings entirely out of cake.

Country Club Living

WATG Blog (Design) - 10 September 2017
Stoke Park has teamed up with world leading design firm, WATG, to create eight, first of their kind residences set within its historic grounds. ‘The 8’ will offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to live amongst 300 acres of spectacular parkland with access to all of the club’s award-winning facilities.

Architects Volunteer to Improve Urban Housing in Manila

WATG Blog (Design) - 30 August 2017
In May 2016 a team of ten volunteers from architecture firm WATG travelled across the world to get their hands dirty building homes with Habitat for Humanity

Exclusive Regent Pool Club Residences in Montenegro Designed by WATG

WATG Blog (Design) - 15 August 2017
Leading hospitality design-firm, WATG has completed the design of the Regent Pool Club Residences in Porto Montenegro, Montenegro, one of the world’s most idyllic yachting communities. The residences comprise 62 luxury apartments, each with a landscaped terrace, unobstructed sea and mountain views and access to residents-only pool deck.


WATG Blog (Design) - 3 August 2017
What the very successful traveler is always seeking is something unique where someone has thought of the minute details the way they might. It’s the burgeoning desire to experience the desert island fantasy without losing your connectivity or your mind. Remote enough to switch off, but cleverly designed to switch on the senses to transport guests on a journey that only WATG know how to create.


WATG Blog (Design) - 1 August 2017
WATG, the world’s leading hospitality design firm and Wimberly Interiors, the interior design studio of WATG, are delighted to reveal the spectacular design of the new Bellagio Shanghai , Bellagio’s first ever hotel outside of North America. The hotel is set to open in late Summer 2017. WATG and Wimberly Interiors worked alongside the Bellagio brand to raise the bar of ultra-luxury hotel design in Shanghai, China’s most opulent and vibrant city, known as ‘The Paris of the East,’ and ‘the New York of the West’.

Welcome To Station Zero

WATG Blog (Design) - 28 July 2017
The highly anticipated Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay is opening its doors this December 2017. The third Crimson property to open in the Philippines, the resort is a tropical island paradise combining elegant contemporary architecture, landscape and interiors by leading design firm WATG and Wimberly Interiors with natural materials such as sand, stone and wood complemented by the warm ambience of Filipino island living.

Top luxury travel offerings of 2017

WATG Blog (Design) - 25 July 2017
Luxury travel can offer extraordinary experiences. The recent International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), held in Shanghai, featured some of the most extravagant opportunities to gain bragging rights for the privileged few.

The History of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - Part One

WATG Blog (Design) - 18 July 2017
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is one of the flagship resorts at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s an elegant, romantic turn-of-the-century resort, however when the resort was originally being planned Disney had another resort in mind. Wimberly Whisenand Allison Tong & Goo (WWATG) – now WATG, were the architects working with Disney Imagineering on designing the Grand Floridian Resort.


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