• Controllers, Drive Your Professional Development: Attend CHCC 2018

    Club and hotel controllers: Do not miss the opportunity to get behind the wheel and take control of your own professional development. The Club and Hotel Controllers Conference (CHCC) — co-located with the world’s largest hospitality technology show HITEC® Houston at the George R.

  • Job Description Template: Club Accounting Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club accounting positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • Job Description Template: Club IT Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club IT positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • A Room for Robots in Hospitality

    Realistic uses for artificial intelligence are increasing, making way for machine-based assistance in accounting, marketing, customer service and more. This feature details current scenarios where robotics is used in the business environment, such as for accounting tasks.


The magic of the Glion summer experience

Glion Blog·18 May 2018
Glion London Summer Program Want to have an amazing summer filled with unforgettable activities? The Glion Summer Experience provides you with an intensive but exciting two weeks in Switzerland and London. Not only does it give you a solid introduction to the world of hospitality, it also provides you with the chance to gain hands-on skills, enjoy field trips to amazing landmarks and make friends from many different cultures.

Introducing the Glion Networking Committee

Glion Blog·17 May 2018
When you study at Glion Institute of Higher Education, you have the chance to enjoy a fulfilling student life. One way is through our many societies, groups and committees, which brings likeminded individuals together to enjoy various activities. A great example is the Glion Networking Committee, which organises industry visits, hosts conferences and looks after external guests.

Glion alumna rises up the ranks of luxury members' club

Glion Blog·14 May 2018
Recruitment fairs are an integral part of a Glion education, where our students have the chance to network with leading organizations. This proved particularly beneficial for Laura Mellander, who landed a role with private members’ club Soho House and is now a General Manager, overseeing three restaurants at their Chicago branch. Swedish national Laura elected to study at Glion upon hearing of its great reputation. She chose to study Hospitality Management. “Apart from knowing your product, you need to know how to market it the best way,” Laura said. “I believe it is very important to know sales and marketing if you want to work in the business. That way you can constantly come up with innovative ideas and understand trends.”

Glion hosts first ever comedy night

Glion Blog·11 May 2018
Glion Comedy Night, Bulle Studying at Glion Institute of Higher Education provides plenty of exciting opportunities, both within and outside of your studies. Our Arts Committee creates and hosts a series of memorable events each year - recently, they staged Glion's first ever comedy night, raising money for charity and entertaining a stellar crowd of 200 people. Just for laughs The event, organised with help from the Gradcom and Charity Committee, took place on ... The post Glion hosts first ever comedy night appeared first on Glion Blog | Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Students attend Glion Nutrition Awareness Day

Glion Blog· 8 May 2018
Glion Nutrition Awareness Day, which took place on Tuesday 27 March, saw our students engage in exciting workshops and activities, as well as hearing from industry specialists. Our student ambassador Calum tells us more.

The benefits of doing a double degree

Glion Blog·25 April 2018
Glion has recently introduced the dual MBA and MSc in International Hospitality Business, a programme that enables you to gain two degrees after only one year on campus and one year working in industry. The degree is offered in partnership with Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), an equally renowned French business school. But what are the benefits of doing a double degree? And how well-received are the Master’s programmes from both these schools? Our blog has all the answers.

Luxury hotel director gives insightful talk

Glion Blog·25 April 2018
At Glion, we ensure you gain first-hand exposure to the exciting world of hospitality. From professional internships to exciting industry visits, our programmes see you network with some of hospitality’s finest brands. One recent example has been the visit of Laurence Bloch, Director of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, one of Paris’ most prestigious hotels.

Glion students discuss the benefits of teamwork in their project with UEFA

Glion Blog·17 April 2018
UEFA Glion ABP Team When you study at Glion, you have the opportunity to work with world-class companies and create a strong professional network. In our recent article, we spoke to Anastasiia Papish, Barbora Veneckova and Symbat Khakim. The three students, currently in their seventh semester, spoke about an amazing project they have been conducting with European football governing body UEFA.

What goes on at Glion London?

Glion Blog·13 April 2018
When you study at Glion Institute of Higher Education, you get to enjoy two amazing locations. As well as enjoying the cultural delights and breathtaking beauty of Switzerland, you also get to study Swiss hospitality in the thriving metropolis of London. Home to over 100 five-star hotels and 72 Michelin-starred restaurants, the UK’s capital city is the perfect place to perfect your hospitality skills. But what goes on at Glion London? And what activities can you enjoy outside of your studies? Our latest blog tells you everything you need to know.

Glion students embark on exciting UEFA project

Glion Blog· 9 April 2018
Working with industry-relevant organisations is a vital part of a Glion education. When you join Glion, you not only learn skills in the classroom – you advance them in real-world settings at some of the world’s most exciting companies. One way students do this is through an Applied Business Project, or ABP. Want to find out more? Over the next few months, we’ll be posting a series of engaging, insightful articles and social media posts about all the thrilling, hands-on projects our students get to enjoy.

Glion alumnus banks on the right career

Glion Blog· 6 April 2018
Erwan Hartmann has always wanted a career where he’d build strong relationships with clients. Specializing in Finance while at Glion, he has achieved just that – Erwan now looks after a range of individuals in his role as a Private Banker for Pictet, one of Europe’s leading independent wealth and asset managers.

Leading organizations gather for Glion recruitment day

Glion Blog· 5 April 2018
Career & Recruitment Day March 2018 Glion Institute of Higher Education boasts strong relationships with some of the world's most successful, renowned organizations. Businesses from both hospitality and beyond look to employ our graduates due to the valuable work experience and cutting-edge skills our programs teach them. It is no surprise that Glion has been ranked number one worldwide for employer reputation, according to higher education data specialist QS. We continue to forge and maintain bonds.

Glion Student Testimonial: Klara Hoxhallari

Glion Blog· 2 April 2018
Klara Hoxhallari was initially unaware of the hospitality industry. However, when it came to searching for a job that would take her across the globe, she soon realized it was the perfect fit. After finishing her studies in her native Albania, Klara began a “life-changing” experience at Glion.

Things to do in Bulle (and beyond)

Glion Blog·31 March 2018
Now your semester is in full motion, you will have begun to enjoy everything our campus has to offer. But have you had chance to experience life outside of it yet? Have you taken the opportunity to explore Bulle and its surrounding areas? Whether you’re looking for a good restaurant, an afternoon activity or something to do for the weekend, Bulle offers a range of exciting events and locations. Calum, one of our Student Ambassadors, tells you everything you need to know about the town and beyond.

Glion graduate secures prestigious management training

Glion Blog·29 March 2018
Management training is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience once you have finished your studies, as well as offering a fast track to a high-ranking job role. At Glion, we boast the industry insight and links to ensure you can find the right management program for you, with the school recently ranked number one worldwide for employer reputation (QS World Rankings 2018). One such graduate who benefited from this ... The post Glion graduate secures prestigious management training appeared first on Glion Blog | Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Luxury Brand Expert Shares Experiences In Glion Lecture

Glion Blog·27 March 2018
David Rofeh As part of Glion's Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality specialization, many external guest speakers and lecturers visit our campuses to share their professional experience and provide our students with some useful tips for their future careers. Recently, we welcomed David Rofeh, CEO and Founder of Brand Equity Capital, who shared with us his extensive experience of conducting marketing and communications for luxury brands. A career in luxury After completing his ... The post Luxury Brand Expert Shares Experiences In Glion Lecture appeared first on Glion Blog | Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Welcome to Fresh restaurant

Glion Blog·19 March 2018
The global wellness industry continues to evolve. Now a $3.7 trillion market, key sectors include healthy eating and nutrition, spas, wellness tourism, and alternative medicine. Global wellness goes far beyond keeping free of disease – it is all about being proactive, maintaining a positive attitude and engaging in plenty of physical activity. As such, there is a greater urge for the hospitality industry to incorporate global wellness.

The world's five best restaurant views

Glion Blog·16 March 2018
When you go to a nice restaurant, you’re not just going for the food. You want to be wowed by the service, the ambience and, often, the view. Whether it be a restaurant with a stunning city backdrop or a luxury resort in a breathtaking location, enjoying gorgeous scenery is just as important as eating great food. At Glion, our new restaurant, Le Bellevue, blends gourmet cuisine with a panoramic view of Lake Geneva. This ensures our students get to gain practical, hands-on skills while working in stunning surroundings. To celebrate Le Bellevue’s launch, we took a look at five restaurants that offer some amazing views.

Glion London students win Passion 4 Hospitality competition

Glion Blog·15 March 2018
At Glion, you get to put the skills you learn to the test with exciting projects and competitions. Recently, five MBA students from our Glion London campus applied their knowledge to the Passion 4 Hospitality competition, where they beat six other universities to be crowned the winners. The competitors – Alex Florea, Elena Kharina, Leo Tran, Kostas Staikos and Bianca Wu – tell us all about it in our latest blog.

Glion student talks luxury internship

Glion Blog·14 March 2018
Louis Vuitton Glion prepares you for a range of exciting careers, particularly in the ever-growing luxury industry. This has been the case for Hospitality and Business Administration student Anders Tiblom, who recently completed his internship at global fashion company Louis Vuitton. The value of internships� After spending his last internship in Dubai, Swedish national Anders wanted his second to be a little closer to home. 'I decided to stay in Stockholm as ... The post Glion student talks luxury internship appeared first on Glion Blog | Glion Institute of Higher Education.

How to Host the Perfect Dinner

Glion Blog· 8 March 2018
In a hectic world, it can be hard to find the time to invite friends and family over for a special meal. There is an art to entertaining at home, but it can feel like foreign territory if you’re out of practice. However, what looks intimidating can actually be quite simple. Perhaps no one knows this better than Chantal Wittmann, one of our award-winning senior lecturers. Chantal has held the title of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) since 2011, for her achievements in table arts and service. This world-renowned award is presented every four years in France, in honor of the best craftsmen nationwide. We spoke to Chantal about what makes a perfect dinner party.

Enter an exciting industry with Glion's Hospitality Immersion Program

Glion Blog· 6 March 2018
Glion’s MSc International Hospitality Business prepares our students for accelerated careers in the hospitality industry, whether they are looking to advance their career or enter a new one entirely. But what if you’re a newcomer to the hospitality industry? What if you need to get to grips with the fundamentals before starting a Master’s? Our four-week Hospitality Immersion Program (HIP) will provide five-star hospitality management training in a practical arts setting. You will have the chance to discover the inner workings of a fine dining kitchen and restaurant, as well as the daily activities of the reception and rooms division departments. Our HIP program will provide an intensive, insightful course that’ll ensure you’re ready for the exciting challenges of our MSc. But don’t just take our word for it – below some of our current HIP students share their experiences.

Glion alumna launches personalized hotel booking app

Glion Blog·27 February 2018
Studying at Glion has given Camille Gersdorff a career in both hotels and as an entrepreneur. Since graduating in 2015, Camille works for her family-owned hospitality group Maison Gersdorff, as well as co-founding new personalized hotel booking app Triptwin. Setting up Triptwin began one lunch time when a colleague, and fellow Glion alumni, gave her a phone call. “Xavier [Rambaud] rang to discuss his idea of a personalized booking app, for people who love unique experiences but hate spending hours looking for them. The Tinder of hospitality, essentially,” Camille explained. “He then came to London the following weekend to show me his business plan, and from there we decided to become business partners.”

Glion to launch new wellness programs with expert team

Glion Blog·21 February 2018
The wellness industry has soared over the past decade. To reflect this, Glion is updating its current programs and launching new ones, highlighting the importance of this ever-growing industry. Mariana Palmeiro, part of a team of Glion experts leading these changes, tells us more in our latest blog. The rise of the wellness industry Defined by the Global Wellness Institute as 'the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that ... The post Glion to launch new wellness programs with expert team appeared first on Glion Blog | Glion Institute of Higher Education.

Why events are so important to the hospitality industry

Glion Blog·19 February 2018
Events and conferences are a huge part of the hospitality industry, and are continuing to grow. Whether it be focused on music, sport or a luxury brand, events around the world are generating billions of revenue and changing the way businesses, hospitality organizations and resorts operate. A booming industry: Meetings, conferences, events and exhibitions are a key driver of tourism destinations across the globe. In the USA, they generate almost one trillion dollars in direct, indirect and induced spending. In Europe, the event industry continues to grow steadily. In Asia, it is booming. As a result, tourist destinations around the world are realizing that events are a vital component in attracting holidaymakers. Without them, they are at risk at losing out.

Alumni gather for successful Athens event

Glion Blog·16 February 2018
Paul Chappel, Student Advisor and Faculty Member in Glion, was recently invited by Glion and Les Roches alumni to attend their gathering in Athens, Greece. He writes on the warm hospitality he received while in the capital city, and the tight community our alumni have created.


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