• Job Description Template: Club Accounting Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club accounting positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • Job Description Template: Club IT Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club IT positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • A Room for Robots in Hospitality

    Realistic uses for artificial intelligence are increasing, making way for machine-based assistance in accounting, marketing, customer service and more. This feature details current scenarios where robotics is used in the business environment, such as for accounting tasks.

Perfect Timing

Club & Resort Business - Management·12 April 2018
To put a permanent face on its 50th anniversary celebration, Mission Viejo CC now proudly and prominently displays a customized post clock near its clubhouse and first tee. In an age when not only surviving, but thriving, in the club business for a half-century has become much more of a challenge, the members and staff of Mission Viejo (Calif.) Country Club were looking for a symbol to mark the club’s 50th anniversary that would combine style and significance.

Climbing the Ladder

Club & Resort Business - Management·10 April 2018
Brian Baldwin has embraced every opportunity that’s been presented to him since beginning to work in private clubs—and his successful response to each earned his appointment as the first Assistant General Manager in the history of Baltusrol Golf Club. Not long after Brian Baldwin, CCM, scored his first job at a golf club as a prep cook, he started taking drink orders because he “had a personality.” Soon, he started waiting tables and changed his major from business to hospitality.

Taking the Long View

Club & Resort Business - Management·15 February 2018
A strong partnership with its insurance providers helps to keep Colleton River Club on course, even when Mother Nature shows her capricious side. After Hurricane Irma failed to split Florida in half last fall, as had been breathlessly suggested amid the hysterical hype as the storm approached, most of the news organizations that had descended on the state to report on the impending disaster packed up and went back to where they’d come from, convinced that the “story” was over.

Fab Five

Club & Resort Business - Management·13 February 2018
The 2017 winners of the Excellence in Club Management Awards, co-sponsored by the McMahon Group and Club & Resort Business. McMahon Group, Inc., the St. Louis-based consulting firm, and Club & Resort Business have announced the 2017 recipients of the Excellence in Club Management (ECM) Awards, established in 1997 by the McMahon Group and co-sponsored The post Fab Five appeared first on Club & Resort Business.

Creating a Vision

Club & Resort Business - Management·12 January 2018
The new Golf Shoppe at Boca West CC took inspiration from high-end department stores, offering lifestyle brands in a sophisticated setting. Years ago, golf shops at clubs and resorts around the country were mostly functional spaces, carrying golf clubs, shoes and a hodgepodge of assorted golf accessories. But today, the golf shop is taking on a life and personality of its own at many properties.

Shaking Up the Boardroom

Club & Resort Business - Management· 4 January 2018
As the Chief Operating Officer concept continues to gain favor, private clubs are taking renewed looks at all aspects of their governance, including who should get seats at the table and just what their roles should be.

Preferred Charges

Club & Resort Business - Management·13 December 2017
Since leasing a fleet of newly introduced golf cars with lithium batteries in March, River Hills CC has already seen positive results.

Familiar Ground

Club & Resort Business - Management·18 October 2017
Through its longstanding partnership with a supplier that literally shares history with the club, Medinah CC continues to provide its members with their favorite locker-room amenities. Perhaps more than any other part of the property, locker rooms are where clubs must take special care to create a “home away from home” for their members. And a big part of providing that feeling of comfort and familiarity comes from always having a plentiful supply of the personal-care products and other locker-room amenities that members have come to know and trust.

Breaking News

Club & Resort Business - Management·29 September 2017
Digital newsletters allow clubs to disseminate information with greater speed and ease than ever before, all at a minimal expense. The challenge is getting members to actually read it.

Accounting for Loss

Club & Resort Business - Management·21 September 2017
Bogey Hills CC is on a fast track to recovery from a devastating clubhouse fire. Along the way, its owners have learned valuable lessons about sound insurance practices that every club should follow. Shortly before midnight on February 16 of this year, fire companies from St. Charles, Mo., and surrounding communities responded to reports that the three-story, wooden clubhouse of Bogey Hills Country Club was fully engulfed in flames.

Covering All Bases

Club & Resort Business - Management·20 September 2017
After its experience with other buying groups fell short, Army Navy Country Club found a new partner that has helped it realize widespread savings during a period of significant growth.

Seats for All Seasons

Club & Resort Business - Management·22 August 2017
Woodmont CC has enhanced its members’ experience with a suite of comfortable and durable solid teak outdoor furniture products. Durability, comfort and pleasing aesthetics are the trifecta of good outdoor furniture. At Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Md., a suite of solid teak products hits the target in all three areas.

Feeling the Beat

Club & Resort Business - Management· 8 August 2017
Throughout Ray Kondziela’s journey to Excellence in Club Management recognition, he’s followed his musical roots to bring special rhythms and excitement to his properties.

The Magic Touch

Club & Resort Business - Management· 6 July 2017
Joe Furlow’s accomplishments in reviving The Academy of Magical Arts have been every bit as eye-opening as the acts that perform in the Hollywood, Calif., club each night—and also worthy of Excellence in Club Management honors.

Fairways to Heaven

Club & Resort Business - Management·10 May 2017
A pair of new hybrid mowers is helping Sahalee Country Club keep its course in top condition with fuel-saving, environmentally friendly practices.

Return Engagement

Club & Resort Business - Management·20 April 2017
The second time that Brett Morris considered taking on the challenges at The Polo Club of Boca Raton proved to be the charm—and the start of his path to Excellence in Club Management recognition. One of the marks of a good club manager is trying to always follow the practice of “never say never.” But there was a point in Brett Morris’ career when he almost decided that adage didn’t apply to his own professional path.


Club & Resort Business - Management·19 April 2017
As smartphone use continues to skyrocket, clubs that want to stay at the forefront of members’ minds must maintain a mobile presence. There is little doubt that Americans are glued to their smartphones. Take a walk down any city street and you’re bound to see pedestrians searching online reviews for the best brunch spot, drivers with a map illuminating a small screen, and bored retail employees scrolling through social media.

On the Right Track

Club & Resort Business - Management· 7 February 2017
As part of celebrating its 90th anniversary with a newly renovated golf course, Midland Country Club also rolled out a new golf car fleet and GPS system that can help to deliver a permanent “wow” factor. Midland (Texas) Country Club is celebrating its past with its 90th anniversary this year—but at the same time, the property is embracing its future, by introducing a number of state-of-the-art amenities. The new bells and whistles include a $9 million renovation of its practice facility and 18-hole golf course—and to help members get around the property with maximum enjoyment of the experience, Midland CC also rolled out a new fleet of 65 Yamaha Drive2 golf cars last October, each equipped with the new YamaTrack GPS system.

Four with More

Club & Resort Business - Management· 2 February 2017
The 2016 Winners of the Excellence in Club Management Awards, co-sponsored by the McMahon Group and Club & Resort Business.

Living History

Club & Resort Business - Management· 5 January 2017
A variety of factors have prompted clubs to get serious about capturing and presenting their pasts in a way that can also promote the value of membership for generations to come. Here are some do’s and don’ts for creating permanent archives that will properly put the “story” in history.

All Systems Go

Club & Resort Business - Management· 3 January 2017
At the Bel-Air Bay Club, an imaginative team is making full use of all that its management and reservations software has to offer.

Coming to a Screen Near You

Club & Resort Business - Management· 1 December 2016
Salish Cliffs GC gives rave reviews to its GPS golf and fleet management system. Most golfers can use a little direction when it comes to their games, and a global positioning system (GPS) can help provide guidance for aspects ranging from distance to the green to communicating with the golf shop or clubhouse. At some golf course facilities, particularly high-end resort properties, the technology has now evolved to become an expected amenity, rather than a novelty bonus.

Establishing a Secure Connection

Club & Resort Business - Management· 1 September 2016
When used thoughtfully, digital modes of communication enhance and elevate a club’s culture while helping to solidify social bonds. It’s often argued that technology, while allowing people from across the globe to connect instantaneously, can often blind users to the social opportunities immediately around them as their eyes stay glued to screens. Given the inherently social nature of golf and country clubs, knowing how much technology to incorporate into the club environment can be a thorny subject. Some members prefer to keep devices as far from the clubhouse as possible, while others map out their lives with carefully planned Google calendars. But even the most technology-averse clubs often use three primary modes of digital communication: websites, e-newsletters, and social media.

Guiding Growth

Club & Resort Business - Management· 4 August 2016
By “managing by walking around,” Terra S. H. Waldron, CCM, CCE, has guided The Desert Highlands Country & Golf Club Association toward steady progress and growth, and earned Excellence in Club Management Award recognition for herself.

Lightning Reflexes

Club & Resort Business - Management· 2 August 2016
Even a strike from Mother Nature shortly after it was installed couldn’t dull the shine of The Vineyard Golf Club’s new clock.

Gathering Storm

Club & Resort Business - Management·21 July 2016
A spate of extreme weather patterns has pushed claims for property losses to all-time highs and portends an alarming shift in trends for club insurance coverage and premiums. The intensive flooding from June’s record rainfall in West Virginia that swamped The Greenbrier resort and forced cancellation of The Greenbrier Classic PGA Tour event was just the latest and most dramatic example of how club and resort properties are subject to growing exposure and vulnerability to the extreme weather patterns that now seem to have become a four-season, 50-state norm throughout the U.S.


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