Playing Outside

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 9 November 2017
Properties are moving activity out of the clubhouse by creating innovative outdoor recreational amenities. Having fun outdoors isn’t strictly child’s play. But as the average age of club and resort members continues to skew younger each season, properties must maintai

On the Brighter Side

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 2 November 2017
After nearly 20 years, Cape Cod National Golf Club refreshed its main dining room to create the contemporary, versatile space the club needs. With its 20-year anniversary coming up next June, Cape Cod National Golf Club in Brewster, Mass., seized the opportunity to revive the look of its clubhouse from the ground up.

Winning Renovation Recipes

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 20 October 2017
Clubs can accommodate bustling dining areas with carefully planned and deliberately designed kitchen space.

Topping It Off

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 5 October 2017
The expanded aquatic dining areas at Birmingham Country Club feature thoughtful, practical tabletops that welcome outdoor activity into the shoulder seasons. While seeking to create an aquatic area reminiscent of resorts in South Florida, Birmingham (Mich.) Country Club (BCC) has added cabanas and soft seating around its pool over the past few seasons. But with Michigan’s much shorter warm season, the club wanted to add elements that would help the area extend into the shoulder seasons—especially the fall.

Comfort Zones

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 5 September 2017
Updating interior furnishings is the icing on the cake for extensive renovations and redesigns at club and resort properties. Take a seat and lend an ear: Creating a comfortable space that is conducive to socializing and extended visits has become a must for any club or resort property. While newly expanded facilities are important for creating positive, lasting impressions, cozy seating and eye-catching décor often dominate members’ first introductions to the club. As a result, finding the right places to display distinctive indoor furnishings now ranks high on managers’ to-do lists.

Wired, Not Tired

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 3 August 2017
Creating a one-stop shop for business and pleasure, more clubs are entering the modern age with dedicated spaces for members’ use of their electronic devices. There’s no denying it: Smartphones and other ways to stay connected 24/7 aren’t going away anytime soon. While this “new normal” may be easy to accept in some settings, private-club culture often dictates that the use of electronics is socially undesirable.

Hooking a Big One

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 1 August 2017
The fishing-focused pro shop at The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch’s new Outfitter Center suits member needs in both style and function. For the past 10½ years, Shane Reynolds, Director of Recreation for The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch in Boerne, Texas, has worked out of a 175-year-old homestead. While the building had a lot of history, serving in its previous lives as a residence, headquarters for a charcoal company, post office, and general store, it was only 1,100 sq. ft., and located in a residential portion of the Cordillera Ranch property.

Outfitting the Great Outdoors

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 20 July 2017
Investing in updated outdoor furnishings can help clubs better serve—and seat—their members. Pull up a chair and lend an ear: Clubs are revamping their outdoor spaces with furnishings that are not only comfortable, but plentiful. As many members extend their stays to include a post-round/match/swim cocktail or time spent with other families and friends, they’re seeking out a place to sit back and relax.

Active Interest

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 9 May 2017
Careful execution of a two-phase master plan to revamp dining venues and create a new stand-alone Family Activity Center at Cape Fear CC has boosted F&B sales, sparked a new membership wave, and brought the generations together at North Carolina’s oldest private club.

In the Open Air

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 6 April 2017
A new tent pavilion at Salmon Run Golf Course provides more options for guests and additional revenue streams for the brand.

Locked and Loaded

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 16 March 2017
Men’s and women’s locker rooms are solidifying their status as an essential component of a club’s overall design. As places for members to stash their gear and take quick showers, locker rooms are generally perceived as a club “given.” Still, they can be easily overlooked during renovation projects. But as more clubs begin to invest in comprehensive fitness centers and wellness programs, these facilities are finally getting proper attention, as an essential component of club culture.

Spreading the Splash

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 9 February 2017
Thinking beyond the pool walls boosts a club’s usefulness to members, both pre- and post-swim. When it comes to renovating pool complexes, many club and resort properties have adopted a sink-or-swim mentality. Faced with the demands of an expanding membership and the need to enhance the time that all members of a family spend at the club, these facilities are now providing more than just a place to cool off. All-encompassing aquatic centers—complete with snack bars, lounge areas and other social amenities—are being created to help extend a pool’s usefulness and appeal far beyond just a quick dip.

Shops That Pop

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 10 January 2017
On-site sales outlets are expanding and redefining their retailing approach, to broaden the appeal and reach of a club’s brand. As club facilities have evolved, an emphasis on creating spaces that encourage members to linger and take their time has been front-of-mind for designers. That trend has made its way to pro shops, which were once known for their speedy foot traffic, with golfers hustling through to begin their rounds and maybe pick up some golf balls, and tennis players running in to have a racquet restrung.

No Jacket Required

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 10 November 2016
Casual dining spots are on the menu for club properties looking to offer relaxed eating options that supplement fine dining. When it comes to dining out, clubs and resorts are hanging up their proverbial jackets and ties and forgoing shirtsleeves in favor of a less-formal approach.

A Space All Their Own

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 1 November 2016
A dedicated youth activity center at Lake Nona Golf & Country Club has allowed the facility to expand programming that keeps up with demand. The industry-wide shift to making clubs as family-friendly as possible has led many facilities to use neutral areas such as banquet halls, ballrooms and pre-function space as makeshift sites for youth gatherings.

Outdoor Oasis

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 6 October 2016
Mixing, matching, and rearranging furniture allows club and resort properties to reinvent outdoor venues and enhance the member and guest experience.

Shaping Up

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 13 September 2016
Clubs are actively heeding the call of health-minded members with sleek new fitness centers that accommodate a full range of programming. As members become more health-conscious and look for ways to incorporate fitness in their everyday lives, clubs are flexing their muscles and creating all-inclusive fitness centers. By providing an alternative to outside gym memberships, these facilities are designed to keep members on-site with designated spaces for individualized workouts, group classes and state-of-the-art equipment.

Room to Grow

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 23 August 2016
On-site lodging allows club members to extend their daily visits and provides overnight accommodations for guests. As more clubs expand their amenities and look to become truly all-inclusive properties, it’s becoming more common for facilities to include lodging space. Whether members choose to make a full day of it at the club and don’t want to drive home after hours, or wish to offer their guests a full-fledged getaway experience, providing sleeping rooms and other overnight services can optimize the value of a club by offering all of the comforts of home, without having to leave the property.

Rustic Renewal

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 7 July 2016
The timeless design of the poolside locker rooms at Birchwood Farms G&CC adds the little things that count and the big things that shine. Following its promise of providing a pristine, relaxing getaway for members, Birchwood Farms Golf & Country Club in Harbor Springs, Mich., recently transformed its poolside locker rooms into an elegant space that keeps true to its North Michigan roots.

From the Inside

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 12 May 2016
High-tech indoor golf practice and teaching facilities allow members of all abilities to see the game in a new light. Reports on the challenges that face the golf industry are relentless, citing time constraints, uncontrollable weather, and the overall daunting nature of the sport as some of the reasons inhibiting its continued growth.

Breathing Room

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 12 April 2016
As the demand for multiple dining venues at club and resort properties continues to grow, outdoor dining areas that act as extensions of existing space can give members and guests a whole new perspective. Club food-and-beverage departments are busier than ever. According to a survey conducted by Club & Resort Business in 2015, 85% of the respondents from club properties reported an increase in food-and-beverage sales from 2013 to 2014. Giving a club’s F&B department a boost doesn’t mean simply mixing up the menu, though—creating an environment that members want to be in is also a crucial step to keeping dining spaces full and alive.

A Fine Reflection

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 5 April 2016
The award-winning design of the pro shop at Conway Farms GC supports the property’s golf pedigree and showcases its clean, modern style. After Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest, Ill., hosted the BMW Championship in 2013 (which it hosted again in 2015), it kicked off a capital-improvement project that would maintain Conway Farms’ culture and history, including its campus feel, while bringing it into the modern era.

Fully Furnished

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 22 March 2016
For club and resort properties that want to create a warm atmosphere conducive to socializing, interior furnishings aren’t just pretty to look at—they’re a must for doing business Step inside any club or resort, and you are bound to find an inviting space that begs members and guests to sit down, have a drink or snack, and chat with friends. Whether renovating a bar and dining area to provide more space for mingling, or updating a lobby and living room to reflect a traditional design, properties benefit from a refreshed style that pairs fun with function.

Open Air

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 16 February 2016
While updated patios are rarely the sole focus of club renovations, they can provide supplemental social space as a surprising and welcome bonus. Outside of multipurpose rooms, few spaces within a clubhouse are as versatile as an outdoor patio. Often overlooking an attractive amenity, such as a well-manicured golf course, distant mountains or a bustling pool area, patios can act as a transitional space, where golfers relax after a round before moving inside for a meal, or couples enjoy pre-event cocktails on date night.

Contented Guests

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 10 February 2016
A worthwhile investment in a tent at The Refuge G&CC has solidified the club’s identity beyond golf as a proper venue for any event. When your club is set on a picturesque, lakefront piece of property, adjacent to a national wildlife refuge, it seems a downright shame to not take full advantage of all that natural surrounding has to offer. Such was the thinking of Jerry Aldridge, owner of The Refuge Golf & Country Club in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., who decided to add to the club’s existing facilities by increasing its outdoor dining and entertainment space.

Hidden Treasure

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 19 January 2016
The course maintenance facility at Scioto CC was still functional, but not fit to be seen. Now it looks—and is—good enough to live in. For many clubs, the primary consideration when “designing” a course maintenance facility is often to try to hide it from sight as much as possible—preferably in the farthest reaches of the property. Sometimes, however, a club’s ability to keep its maintenance operation out of sight—and therefore out of members’ minds—is limited by a property’s history, size, layout or how its activities have changed over time.


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