October 2017: The CMAA Community

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 16 October 2017
Last month, my wife, Susie and I took vacation to escape from life for a bit. We visited Hawaii and while there made a stop to meet with the Paradise of the Pacific Chapter. What a terrific CMAA community! Community comes in many forms – club, church, neighborhood, and, of course, our CMAA community. It is our CMAA community that I want to focus on this month.

September 2017: Harvey, Irma, LLC and CMAA

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 14 September 2017
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will be remembered for a very long time as they brought havoc and destruction to Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and surrounding areas. There are difficult days ahead for those impacted. It has been heartwarming to see various efforts to support the club community embraced by so many throughout our profession and industry. If you haven’t supported these efforts, I encourage you and your club to consider supporting Clubs Helping Clubs.

August 2017 - It's CMAA Renewal Time

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 14 August 2017
August starts CMAA’s annual membership renewal billing season. A few weeks ago, you received two communications from Bob James, CCM, CCE, CHE, about renewing your national membership, but I want to share a few additional insights.

Juy 2017 - CMAA Research and our New Industry Survey

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 17 July 2017
I am excited to share our plans for the topic of our second industry survey that will be launching in the next few weeks. First, I’d like to share an update on CMAA’s research initiative that is now in its second year of development. Research at CMAA is developed through three core research practices: Internally led and performed CMAA research initiatives leveraging expertise of our CMAA staff – Sarah Bal and Amilcar Davy. Internally led, but conducted using an outside research firm according to CMAA’s standards and oversight like the Center for Generational Kinetics and Industry Insights. Member reviewed and approved academic or third-party research meeting CMAA’s Research Guidelines.

The CCM: A Global Brand

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 9 June 2017
Since joining CMAA just under three years ago, I have been part of club management events in several countries. Our core focus areas of CMAA – professional development, peer-to-peer interaction, and information sharing – are each a global focus for club management professionals. The value of CMAA around the world, specifically the value of holding the Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation, is a strong anchor worldwide.

April 2017: Mutually Beneficial Volunteerism, Or Keeping Our Volunteers Happy

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 18 April 2017
A few weeks ago I received a new research study done by my professional association – the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). ASAE’s latest research is titled “Mutually Beneficial Volunteerism.” Like associations, clubs share the importance of volunteers in our organizational success, so I thought the research results might help you to spend a few moments to think about your club’s volunteer experience.

March 2017: What's In a Name?

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 13 March 2017
In last month’s blog, I wrote about CMAA being 90 years young as we focus on the future of club management ensuring members are served with energy, enthusiasm and foresight. Did you know that the original name of the Association in 1927 was the National Association of Club Managers? It didn’t take long for that name to change to the Club Managers Association of America or more fondly CMAA. Our name has been with us ever since, but is it the right name for 2020 and beyond?

February 2017: 90 Years Young

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 13 February 2017
A few weeks ago, my wife Susie and I went to visit her parents in North Carolina for the weekend. As my father-in-law approaches 90, I am impressed by his ability to stay young. He continues to be eager about learning, trying new things and ensuring he is staying up to date. I greatly admire my father-in-law and I hope I have the same mindset when I approach his age. He is 90 years young, as there is nothing old about him!

January 2017: Talking Millenials on Private Club Radio

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 20 January 2017
January 2017: Talking Millenials on Private Club Radio

Wishing You a Gritty New Year!

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 17 January 2017
Happy New Year! Inspiration for this month’s message comes from CMAA’s elevator. The CMAA HQ building has three floors with roughly seven to twelve people on each. With a National staff team of 28 people on multiple floors, it requires some movement if you are going to run into everyone each day. This gets me to this month’s focus. One way CMAA’s staff stays connected, besides the elevator and two stairwells, is a white board in the elevator. This white board starts out clean each day and whoever has an inspiration, writes it on the board for all to see.

December Blog: CEO's Perspective - Preparing for a Successful Future

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 8 December 2016
Happy holidays! I hope your club had a successful year, and you experienced personal and professional prosperity this past year too! CMAA’s goal is to be your partner on your professional journey. With that in mind, your CMAA team is busy preparing for our 90th World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo. We recognize that a positive professional experience is linked to a happy and healthy personal life.

November CEO Blog: Millennial Outlook on Club Membership

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 14 November 2016
The 2017 US Presidential election is behind us and I am sure the vast majority of us are relieved. More than others in recent memory, this election very sharply pointed out the diversity that we have in the United States. Americans have different interests, different views and see different pathways for happiness and prosperity. Baby Boomers are at a different life stage than Millennials and therefore may have a different view of how the US should evolve. Ultimately these varying views when researched, shared, discussed and considered by our elected officials allow a path to be charted that serves the best interests of America. At least it is supposed to work this way – but you may be thinking: how does this relate to clubs?

October 2016: Next Generation Club Industry Research

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 7 October 2016
It is the last month in CMAA's fiscal year and we begin to turn our focus on the year ahead. As part of this process of closing out one year and beginning another fiscal year, we have gone through a staff performance review process. I have been reading articles over the past few years about how some organizations are phasing out annual staff performance reviews for a more continuous review process. While I agree continuous feedback is necessary, I also like the annual review process as it gives an organization, like CMAA, a chance to align people, resources and expectations annually with our strategic plan. I can tell you I am excited about some of our plans for the coming year.

September 2016 - Generational Insights Into Club Perceptions

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 20 September 2016
At CMAA, we get excited about building an association that serves your professional needs, so you can do your job with passion and fulfillment. It is why CMAA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan has lots of new initiatives to enhance our value to you. One of these is the development of CMAA’s research functionality. This month, I am pleased to begin sharing new generational research that I believe you and your club Boards will find very interesting.

August 2016: Dues - To Increase or Not to Increase? That is the Question.

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 17 August 2016
Words sometimes evoke emotional responses. From what I have experienced and heard from many of you, managing members’ emotions is a big part of your job. So as a CMAA stakeholder, I’ve inferred that you could get emotional about things that affect your own Association membership too... Am I right? Let's try a little word game – when you hear the word “membership,” what comes to mind? Hopefully a sense of belonging and community – a home away from home.

July 2016: Announcing CMAA's 2020 World Conference Site

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 12 July 2016
Recently I came across the management acronym – RACI. If you are not familiar with RACI, it refers to a model for responsibility involving many people in different roles. RACI stands for the person or persons: Responsible to do the work to achieve the task. Accountable or those approving or answerable for the completion of the work. Consulted or those whose opinions are sought in the effort. Informed or those who are kept up-to-date on progress of the effort.

June 2016: Your Voice and CLUBINDUSTRYVOTES.ORG

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 7 June 2016
A few weeks ago, CMAA joined forces with the National Club Association (NCA) as several members and staff of both organizations spent the day in Washington, DC, on Capitol Hill for National Golf Day. While it was a “golf” organized advocacy day, the top issue for discussion for everyone participating (GCSAA, PGA, etc.) was the new Department of Labor (DOL) overtime rules which had just been released. This new rule has less to do with golf and everything to do with its dramatic effect on small businesses, like clubs. Effective December 1, the Department of Labor will increase the salary threshold for exemption from overtime from $23,660 to $47,446.

May 2016: The Future Begins Tomorrow

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 5 May 2016
Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” It is with this in mind that the CMAA staff and I are deliberate about each day’s actions on your behalf. The future begins tomorrow. All of us need to be focused on ensuring we are ready for it. This month, I want to share our future-focused slate of activities and updates.

April 2016: Club Governance and Leadership Challenges

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 5 April 2016
I am very excited about where CMAA is headed with our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, which I hope you have had time to review. The Plan was developed with input from the 175 national and chapter leaders and corporate partners working on issues put forth from last year’s member survey, completed by almost 30 percent of CMAA members. One of the top five challenges identified by CMAA members is related to the area of club governance. Therefore, you will find several items in our Strategic Plan related to improving club governance.

April 2016: Talking Strategy on Private Club Radio

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 4 April 2016
Talking Strategy on Private Club Radio. Posted by Karen Woodie 

March 2016: National Committees

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 8 March 2016
I am writing this blog having just returned from CMAA's World Conference on Club Management. I first want to take a moment to thank all who attended, spoke, volunteered, exhibited, sponsored and participated – the event would not have been the same without all that energy! It takes a community to make Conference successful and I am so appreciative of you – the CMAA community – for the role you played in making this Conference special. 

February 2016: It is Annual Report Season

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 11 February 2016
Before coming to CMAA, I led an association — the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) — of public company financial communications professionals called investor relations professionals. One of their job duties was the development of the "annual report" for the company. These documents share the annual corporate story with members. In the same way that there are different seasons in clubs, the same goes with public companies – earnings season, annual report season, etc. I think you will agree that club seasons are very different and much more fun!

January 2016 - PUBLIC Disaster for a PRIVATE Club

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 12 January 2016
Happy New Year! All of us at CMAA hope 2016 will bring you good health, happiness and prosperity. We also hope to be part of your journey in 2016 and look forward to our paths crossing many times throughout the year at both the Chapter and National level. I want to spend my time with you this month by asking you a question – “What’s your club’s relationship with your community?”

December 2015 - Creating a Giving Staff Culture

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 11 December 2015
’Tis the holiday season, so it is the season of giving, right? For many of you, it is also a busy time at your clubs as you are in the midst of holiday events – delivering happiness to others. My focus this month is on giving and particularly givers and takers. Before you stop reading because this sounds lame, CMAA’s members rated the hiring and retaining of staff as their most challenging issue according to our 2015 member survey. My gift to you by reading this blog is that you may gain some new perspective on staff development with the goal of hiring better staff and retaining them longer!

November 2015 - Your Leadership Journey

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 17 November 2015
Fun fact: My wife, Susie, and I just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. We are blessed with two terrific children, Becky (age 28) and DJ (age 26). Both of my children followed in my footsteps and currently work in the field of association management for membership associations, like CMAA. They are involved with membership development and educational programming – key areas for any association. As junior association professionals, I learn a great deal by listening to their conversations about work. Often these conversations focus on changes happening within their organizations – new ventures, resolving member problems, program development, etc. These conversations are generally operational discussions as they are working to best implement change in their organizations. Often these conversations lead to the comment of “I wish someone asked me before we got this far, as I could have helped save the organization a lot of time and frustration.”

October 2015: Embracing Change

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 8 October 2015
As I travel the country and visit with CMAA members and chapters, the stories from club managers are informative and fascinating. As I enter my second year at CMAA, I have developed a broader understanding of your day to day club challenges and the demands for changing services for your membership. As a lifelong learner, I relish these opportunities to gain perspective from each of you.


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