• Job Description Template: Club Accounting Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club accounting positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • Job Description Template: Club IT Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club IT positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

  • Members Only: A Room for Robots in Hospitality

    Realistic uses for artificial intelligence are increasing, making way for machine-based assistance in accounting, marketing, customer service and more. This feature details current scenarios where robotics is used in the business environment, such as for accounting tasks.


New Study Reveals The Truth About Millennial Golfers

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 9 March 2018
Three-quarters of avid Millennial golfers will consider joining a private club in the future – with age 33 being the most likely age to join – but they are less minded to pay entrance fees, preferring flexible pay-for-use membership options.

2018 Club Governance Model Executive Summary

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·22 February 2018
The Club Governance Model (Model), which was developed in 2007 and updated in 2018, is built upon accepted principles and best practices in nonprofit governance. Although this Model is directed primarily toward member-owned clubs, the principles embodied in the Model are no less applicable to clubs with a different ownership structure. The primary purpose of the Model is to optimize the most fundamental quality of a governance system – the smooth flow of authority from the club owners to the club staff and the corresponding flow of accountability from the staff back to the club owners. The Model, as shown in the flow chart below, is simply a set of principles designed to keep communications throughout the organization clear and the roles of key participants unambiguous.

Is Your Club Truly Member-Centric

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 6 February 2018
In 2017, Toymaker LEGO announced that revenues had hit a record high, rising 6 per cent to DKr37.9bn (stg£4.4bn) – the highest ever annual level recorded in its 85-year history. Profits were also higher, with operating profit up 1.7 per cent to DKr12.4bn and net profit up 2.2 per cent to DKr9.4bn.

The Keys to Successful Strategic Planning

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 2 February 2018
Research by Global Golf Advisors indicates more than 80% of top performing clubs believe they are working to a strategic plan. But are they? 'It is absolutely true 80% of clubs wish to have a strategic plan and truly intend to have a strategic plan, but if the road to hell is paved with good The post The Keys to Successful Strategic Planning appeared first on Global Golf Advisors.

Creating Strong Club Culture

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·16 January 2018
“CULTURE EATS STRATEGY for breakfast,” said management guru Peter Drucker. For clubs, culture is governance, and private club strategy—no matter how good and well-conceived—will be a victim to poor governance. According to Fred Laughlin, nonprofit governance expert and an associate at Global Golf Advisors (GGA), “the board speaks with one voice—in writing,” in clubs that are well governed. When you omit either one of two key concepts in the phrase, you invite dysfunctions.

Executive Search: Director of Golf Operations at Clovelly Golf Club

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·11 December 2017
The Club: One of Atlantic Canada’s premier golfing facilities and social clubs, Clovelly is known for its two exceptional 18-hole courses, The Osprey and Black Duck. Nestled in the northeast end of St. John’s, Newfoundland amidst natural surroundings, we pride ourselves on being a family friendly club with a dynamic membership that thrives on camaraderie, friendship and fun. The Clovelly experience is much more than just exceptional golf. Our members and the general public can enjoy a variety of special events – everything from wine tastings to dinner theatre – and delicious dining at our restaurant; as well as have access to our beautiful facilities for private or corporate functions.

Build a better budget painlessly

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 7 November 2017
Don’t put off creating next years budget any longer. Let’s dive into some strategies and tactics that can help break the budgeting process into manageable chunks and reduce the accompanying fear. Standards of Excellence. Standards-setting must precede budgeting to ensure that club leaders and management are aligned in communicating expectations. At the highest levels, the standards should be affirmative, simply stated and realistic. These statements serve as Magnetic North to give departmental managers a clear-cut understanding of the desired destinations.

Do People Want To Work For You?

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 7 November 2017
A few years ago, when unemployment levels were double what they are today, most businesses could afford to dismiss this question as moot. People hurt by the recession and struggling to find employment wanted to work for anyone. That’s no longer the case.

Emotional Ownership in Private Clubs

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 4 October 2017
Warren was delighted when his fellow club members selected him to serve on the board of governors. He couldn’t wait to roll
up his sleeves and jump straight into the big issues plaguing the club: stagnant membership growth, financial uncertainty
and distrust of the board itself. Given his previous business success and background, Warren was certain that he could be a difference-maker who would put the club back in good standing with its members. Instead, Warren encountered uncooperative, unprofessional and disorganized fellow governors dedicated to the status quo . . . “Tradition” they called it.

Golf Equipment Industry Paradox, Part III

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·19 September 2017
Portland, Oregon is the Silicon Valley of the global sports footwear and apparel industry. Portland’s flagship brands stimulated the development of a powerful infrastructure of lawyers, venture capitalists, supply chain managers, designers, ad agencies and other experts able to create and protect intellectual property.

End Budget Procrastination

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·19 September 2017
To the list of things we love to procrastinate on (exercising, dieting, organizing the garage and learning to speak a foreign language), we should add budgeting. Experts on such matters tell us that we’re all guilty of procrastination. But we delay, defer and prolong for a number of different reasons. Maybe the biggest is that we see an important task as a daunting project, one that intimidates and practically immobilizes us. Another reason – although we don’t like to admit it – is that we worry that we might fail. Whatever the reason, budgeting brings out the best (and worst) in our fellow procrastinators.

Executive Search: CEO at Bigwin Island Golf Club

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·18 September 2017
The Opportunity: To live, work and play in Muskoka, one of the most popular summer vacation and recreation communities in Canada. To enjoy an exceptional lifestyle, by taking advantage of the benefits of living in a small community, while being part of a world class Waterfront Golf Course Facility. Our Mission: To provide members, property owners and guests with an exceptional Private Golf Club experience by offering superior family-oriented programs and services, suitable for all ages.

Executive Search: COO at Marine Drive Golf Club

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·15 September 2017
Our Mission: Marine Drive is a progressive private golf club that delivers an outstanding experience in all areas and boasts a proud and passionate membership who enjoy an inclusive social atmosphere that promotes friendships for life. Our Vision: A competitive, healthy, and inclusive golf club where all members and staff take pride in contributing to an outstanding Marine Drive experience.

Get Prepared for your 2018 Budget Cycle

Global Golf Advisors - Insights· 1 September 2017
Autumn is with us and indications are that as club leaders prepare to go into their annual budgeting cycle, most European economies are witnessing steady improvement and positive forecasts. Goldman Sachs describe the outlook for continental Europe’s economy as “cautiously optimistic” as the housing economy continues to recover in most markets, credit is loosening, unemployment is improving, and in particular, consumer confidence is building.

Gone Haywire

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·30 August 2017
They call it a “haywire outfit” when something is thrown together at the last minute, without planning and using whatever materials are available. The term comes from the days when farmers and cattlemen used the soft malleable wire they found lying around to bale hay.

Golf Equipment Industry Paradox, Part II

Global Golf Advisors - Insights·10 August 2017
In 1989, the designer of a new American golf course called Persimmon Ridge hit the ceremonial first tee shot. As the familiar sound rang across the teeing ground, the course’s owner cringed. He was the principal supplier of the persimmon wood used to make drivers and fairway woods, so he hearing the death knell for his business… even as the golf industry was embarking on an era of global expansion.


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