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  • Members Only: 2018 HFTP Compensation and Benefits Report

    By Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA. Results to the biannual survey conducted by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP). Information includes data on compensation and benefits trends for finance and technology professionals in the club and lodging industries.

  • Countdown to Opportunity: The Club & Hotel Controllers Conference 2018

    Written By: Laura Resco, official event guest blogger for the HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference 2018 - One of the most important jobs of a graduate student is to produce original research that furthers the existing knowledge within an industry.

  • Primary Club Metrics

    Survey results identify which metrics are most often used to determine performance. By Agnes DeFranco, Ed.D., CHAE; Tanya Venegas, MBA, MHM, CHIA; and Amanda Belarmino

  • Job Description Template: Club Accounting Positions

    The HFTP Americas Research Center has developed example job descriptions for club accounting positions. The process involved reviewing sample job descriptions, and compiling the information into standardized job descriptions.

In depth: making a lasting impression with branding

Click by·12 September 2018
We’re bombarded with advertising everywhere we look, from banner ads online and sponsored posts on Facebook to television commercials and billboards along highways. With so many brands fighting for a space in consumers’ brains, it’s a wonder anything sticks. And most of it doesn’t, according to the Havas Meaningful Brands survey.

Why sustainability in travel cannot be ignored

Click by·11 September 2018
We all have a responsibility when it comes to protecting the environment, but for the hotel industry, where properties are often clustered around the planet’s beautiful beaches and natural parks, it’s more important than ever.

Understanding the power of hotel comms

Click by· 6 September 2018
20 years ago Andrew Denton was a sports reporter at the Independent newspaper in London before becoming a Press Officer at the Welcome to Yorkshire tourist board and Head of Media for the Grand Départ stage of the Tour de France in 2014. He is now Director of Communications for Best Western Hotels in Great Britain.

Spotlight on: facial recognition technology in the hotel industry

Click by· 5 September 2018
It’s 28 January 2001, and the 72,000 sports fans making their way into Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium to witness Super Bowl XXXV are unknowingly taking part in a mass police experiment. On entry, the fans’ faces are being photographed, scanned and matched against a database of known criminals. When this news emerges a few days later, it causes something of a furore. Critics at the time label it ‘Snooper Bowl’.

Give your property a makeover without spending a fortune

Click by·14 August 2018
If you own a holiday let, you’ll know that some hefty investments are inevitable to ensure any bookings at all – ensuite bathrooms, high-speed Wi-Fi, pools for villas in warm climates and hot tubs for those in colder ones.

Entrepreneur Bruce Poon Tip on the art of 'letting go'

Click by·13 August 2018
Toronto-based Bruce Poon Tip is the Founder of G Adventures, a company he set up at the tender age of 22 from his apartment following a backpacking trip to Asia. He shares his tips on being a good leader and all the potential pitfalls that come with it.

Increasing occupancy during the Commonwealth games

Click by· 9 August 2018
Tony Boulden, 53, founded Gold Coast Holiday Rentals in Surfers Paradise 10 years ago and now manages nearly 70 apartments in seven Queensland resorts, with close to 5,000 annual bookings. “I’m originally from Sydney,” he tells me over the phone from Australia. “My wife came up here for a weekend and we ended up buying a house and staying.”

Event: Click. 2018 set to connect the travel industry

Click by· 8 August 2018
From Formula One's David Coulthard to Hyperloop's Nick Earle,'s annual partner event has a sparkling line-up of travel industry experts and inspirational speakers - and there is still time to get tickets.

Exploring the rise of pop-up hotels

Click by· 6 August 2018
Permanence is passé. As any trend-conscious urbanite will attest, bars, restaurants and stores no longer require longevity in order to achieve success. In many cases, the shorter their shelf-life, the more popular they become.

Data analysis: to brand or not to brand

Click by· 2 August 2018
Thanks to rapid developments in technology, stayed average daily rate (ADR) has changed for branded and independent hotels. Whereas international brands historically had the advantage of strength in numbers, brand recognition and large marketing budgets, independents have made serious inroads into global markets, tapping into expanding customer appeal for unique experiences.

Podcast: #2 - Spotlight on: Italy's tourism industry to modern budget travel

Click by·30 July 2018
In our second episode, our audio articles explore the world’s largest hotels, how Italy handles its large influx of visitors, modern budget travel, plus food tourism

Four travel trends the world should be watching

Click by·27 July 2018
Richard Clarke is a Senior Analyst at Bernstein Asset Management in London, covering the European Hotels and Leisure Sector. Here he tells us why branded hotels are giving the “disruptors” a run for their money and why we should all be brushing up on our Mandarin

How food tourism became a billion-dollar business

Click by·24 July 2018
Over the years, travellers’ expectations have morphed from ticking off the sights as a mere visitor to experiencing destinations through local eyes. Whether it’s munching your way through a city’s street food scene, embarking on a cookery course or bumbling around a farmer’s market, the quickest way to immerse ourselves in any culture is to eat like a local.

Spotlight on: Belgrade's ascendance

Click by·23 July 2018
In March 2018, Belgrade joined an exclusive club – one of only seven cities in the world to have a Mama Shelter hotel. Along with Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro, Serbia’s capital offers travellers the chance to experience Mama Shelter’s trademark funky design of Philippe Starck’s brainchild.

Concierge services will change beyond recognition

Click by·17 July 2018
The Property Management System industry has been growing at a rapid pace ever since the first hotel reservation system was created back in 1947 – a machine that could instantly confirm a guest’s stay.

Future of travel payments: human microchip implants

Click by·17 July 2018
It doesn’t seem that long ago that paying for a holiday on a desktop computer was the peak of hi-tech cleverness. Then smartphones, Apple Pay and wearables came along, making all that came before it look positively antiquated.

What the demise of Club 18-30 can teach us

Click by· 9 July 2018
It was an announcement that marked the end of an (uncommonly thirsty) era. In May, the Thomas Cook Group, a giant of the British travel industry, announced its intention “to discontinue the UK market’s Club 18-30 holiday brand after Summer 2018, as a result of the continued strategic review of our differentiated holiday offer”.

2018 FIFA World Cup: seizing the tourism opportunity

Click by· 6 July 2018
Major sporting events like the World Cup can be big business for a nation, with increased investment and a rise in tourism. Click. explores how hotels and other properties can reach their full potential when basking in the world’s spotlight.

Maximising revenue with the right channel mix

Click by· 3 July 2018
Your product might be the best in your location and your rates competitive, but the success of any hotel is dictated by having the right distribution strategy in place.

Evolution of online payments

Click by· 2 July 2018
The world of online payments is undergoing a rapid transformation. Whereas once customers had scant options – primarily credit cards and bank transfers – to make bookings over the internet, they now have an ever-expanding choice of 21st-century technology, from PayPal to MobilePay.

Podcast: #1 - Spotlight on: pet friendly travel to dealing with no shows

Click by·21 June 2018
Introducing the Click. Podcast – perfect for staying up to date while you’re on the go. Episode 1 is a round-up of some of our most popular articles in audio format. But that’s not all. We’re busy working on forthcoming episodes that will include exclusive interviews with industry experts, so subscribe below to stay tuned. Enjoy!

Spotlight on: the unstoppable rise of Chinese tourism

Click by·19 June 2018
Here are some statistics to give you pause for thought. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, China’s outbound tourism expenditure reached $261bn in 2016, an amount not only more than double that of any other country but a tenfold increase on the same figure from 2006. On a similarly gargantuan note, the CEO of Chinese travel agency Ctrip announced in September 2017 that international trips made by Chinese travellers had now created – directly and indirectly – up to 100 million jobs worldwide.

Creating a child-friendly experience for the school holidays

Click by·18 June 2018
Even if your hotel is normally a haven for romancing couples or a bustling hive of business people, you’ll probably be welcoming at least a few 5 to 18-year-olds this summer, so you might want to consider making some simple seasonal adjustments.

Tel Aviv: the next Silicon Valley?

Click by·12 June 2018
What makes Tel Aviv such a hub for travel tech startups? Click. explores how Israel has become a major centre for innovation.

Prioritising staff welfare in hospitality

Click by·12 June 2018
The hospitality industry is well known for being fast paced and at times stressful. Like other industries, it’s finally waking up to the importance of wellbeing and mental health. Click. investigates how hotels and properties can keep staff safe and motivated to provide the best service for guests.

Instant gratification is changing the way we deliver services

Click by· 5 June 2018
In a world where Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are responsible for 60 billion messages daily, there is no doubt that messaging is thriving - often with the expectation of an instant response. Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at, shares his thoughts on how this behaviour is changing service delivery


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