Silos and the Social Club

HFTP Connect · 21 May

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying that “[t]he hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” Well, the computation of taxable income

Social Clubs and Coronavirus: Tax View on Qualified Disaster Payments, Part 2

HFTP Connect · 11 May

In March 2020, HFTP published a TaxViews article entitled “Social Clubs and the Coronavirus Pandemic,” where we discussed Qualified Disaster Payments

Private Clubs and Moving Past COVID-19: Re-opening Considerations

HFTP Connect · 5 May

Written by: Amber Stone, CPA Over the last month, clubs have been consumed with loan and grant applications, worst-case budgeting scenarios and tryin

The Framework for a Strategic Response

HFTP Connect · 22 Apr

While we could never have imagined the abrupt changes that have occurred due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have been expecting the economic winds t

How Clubs Have Adjusted Budgets, Dues Programs and Internal Controls During Pandemic

HFTP Connect · 15 Apr

This week’s club-focused HFTP Hangout spotlighted “Managing the Ever-Changing Landscape During COVID-19.” It was moderated by James (“Jim”) Hankowski

Social Clubs and the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Tax View on Qualified Disaster Payments

HFTP Connect · 31 Mar

On March 13, 2020, [United States] President Trump declared a national emergency under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistanc

From the Expert: Learn How to Excel at Microsoft Excel

HFTP Connect · 14 Aug

I was recently having lunch with a club CFO. She explained to me that it was difficult to do year-over-year comparisons because each of their two gol

Three Ways #HITEC Impacts Hospitality Careers

HFTP Connect · 20 Jun

HITEC offers diverse opportunities for those in the hospitality industry. Here’s what you can gain from HITEC this year… and for years to come! - Wri

My Credit Card Did Not Think This Was Too Funny

HFTP Connect · 12 Jun

As a continuing trend at HITEC again this year, I find myself still infatuated with finding the most secure, well-integrated, user-friendly, aestheti

Hospitality Controllers: Take Your Career Up a Level With a Program Designed for You

HFTP Connect · 3 Jun

Become a better club or hotel controller when you attend the 2019 HFTP Club and Hotel Controllers Conference later this month.

Are Loyalty Programs Too Rewarding?

HFTP Connect · 4 Apr

Loyalty programs have become par for the course across industries — from retail to airline to hospitality — popularized by their ability to create a

How to Manage in the Modern Workplace and More: Attend the HFTP Club Summit 2019 this March
How to Manage in the Modern Workplace and More: Attend the HFTP Club Summit 2019 this March

HFTP Connect · 9 Jan

Strong leaders, satisfied employees and a safe workplace are all very important facets of a club’s overall success. Rather than focusing all of the a

HFTP Asked the Experts to Address Imminent Issues and Automation in Club Accounting

HFTP Connect · 11 Oct

It can be a struggle to keep up with all that is new and changing in club finance. The constant evolution of accounting technology, modifications to

Clubs in Collaboration: A Productive Discussion on Revising the USFRC

HFTP Connect · 29 Aug

A select group of 28 talented club professionals assembled at the inaugural HFTP Club Forum late last month in Sarasota, Florida USA. This executive-