Coronavirus Might Hobble Sabre's Travel Tech Ambitions for Months - Digital · 8 May

Sabre is a bellwether for the global travel industry as a major processor of transactions for airlines and hotels. The picture isn't pretty. But the Sets U.S. SupIts Case Will Be First Livestreamed Oral Arguments - Digital · 4 May

Rest assured that wouldn't necessarily have to change its name if it lost the trademark case, which sees the Trump administration appeali

Tripadvisor Lays Off 25 Percent of Global Workforce, Closes Some Offices - Digital · 28 Apr

Tripadvisor isn't immune from the coronavirus travel lockdown in many parts of the world, and it is taking difficult steps to survive the pandemic.

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The surge in requests for refunds on canceled flights has given cover for con artists to commit a few types of fraud. Airlines need to tap better way

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Can Airbnb be less of a real estate play and more of a facilitator of human connections? That is Brian Chesky's stated vision. But will that sales pi

Travel Megatrends 2020: Short-Term Rental Winners Emerge
Travel Megatrends 2020: Short-Term Rental Winners Emerge - Digital · 24 Feb

The short-term rental ecosystem is getting bigger, which means many winners are set to emerge from the pack. Expect further brand-driven professional

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When you consider Mark Okerstrom's performance, which will lead to a golden parachute substantially less than what might have been, he can tbut not f

Hilton Seeks More Partnerships to Entice Low-Tier Loyalty Members - Digital · 1 Aug

It's easy for hotel chains to spend time and resources on their highest loyalty spenders. But there is plenty of money to be had at the other end of

Amazon Launches Flight Bookings in India in a SuperApp Strategy - Digital · 16 May

A shoe just dropped. Amazon is stepping into travel again. It may offer travel products in all sizes once it really gets going.

MakeMyTrip Aims to Weather Indian Air Market Turmoil Through Diversification - Digital · 16 May

MakeMyTrip Group has impressively diversified enough that it forecasts only a minor hit to revenue during the coming year due to the collapse of Jet