Virtual Fitness Is Your Gym's Newest Profit Center
Virtual Fitness Is Your Gym's Newest Profit Center

Gym Insight Blog · 2 Jul

In many ways, the COVID-19 gym shut-down accelerated an already intense competition in the virtual health and fitness marketplace. Companies such as

7 Reasons Client Programming Is The Key To Fitness Club Success
7 Reasons Client Programming Is The Key To Fitness Club Success

Gym Insight Blog · 18 Jul

Structure Your Offerings with Client Programming for Fitness Client programming is your menu of good things that you offer your market. In the fitnes

Gym Business Boosts with Retail Merchandise and Supplements
Gym Business Boosts with Retail Merchandise and Supplements

Gym Insight Blog · 8 Jun

Nothing brings credibility to a small fitness club like a unique fitness concept built around a strong brand. As long as you have a robust gym manage

Diamonds Are Forever but Club Retention Changes Daily
Diamonds Are Forever but Club Retention Changes Daily

Gym Insight Blog · 17 May

If you can do things that keep and reduce change to the minimum your club might just be on the path to finding diamonds. Retention is the key concept

Fitness Business Lessons from Comics and Comedy Clubs

Gym Insight Blog · 7 Apr

I was listening to some comedians talking on a podcast recently. It seems to be a thing in comedy for comics to interview their friends and idols. Ho

Hack Your Local Business Community for A Competitive Advantage

Gym Insight Blog · 31 Mar

There was a recent report in Club Industry that Kohls, the retailers are partnering with big box chain Planet Fitness. It seems that the shrinking ne

Gym Management Software and Fitness Business Basic Economics

Gym Insight Blog · 16 Mar

Fitness is one of the more efficient industries, in the economic sense. The same is true about gym management software. It’s a good thing in that com

Personal Branding for Fitness Club Owners And Entrepreneurs

Gym Insight Blog · 6 Mar

As an independent gym or fitness club owner, have you considered your personal brand? I’m not talking about the fitness club brand of the gym that yo

Gym Business Owners Face These Urgent Issues Right Now

Gym Insight Blog · 3 Mar

I think there is only one way to survive in the fitness industry in the next few years. As a gym business owner, be ready to make changes quickly and

What Is Your Fitness Club Membership Guest Policy?

Gym Insight Blog · 16 Feb

Have you ever heard about black swans? If not it’s because these birds are alien to the Northern Hemisphere. When you think of the graceful birds tha

Automating Fitness Club Customer Relationships for The Win

Gym Insight Blog · 27 Jan

Organizing your gym members, prospective future members, and members at the edge of retention, is much easier if you have an automated system to mana

Time To Reveal Fitness Industry Trend Insights for 2019

Gym Insight Blog · 24 Dec

Can you believe it’s almost 2019 as I write this? In the traditions of the Gym Insight Blog, that means that it’s time to look at the American Colleg

Gamification Will Get You Closer to Your Fitness Club Goals

Gym Insight Blog · 25 Nov

Did you know that there are techniques that help you lead and guide people without them realizing that you’re doing it? You may already be using this

Boxing Trainers Know How To Build Gyms In Tough Towns

Gym Insight Blog · 18 Oct

Fighting and martial arts account for a large portion of today’s fitness industry. The old school boxing clubs are an inspiration and fine example of

Gym Business Leadership To Motivate 5 Key Constituencies

Gym Insight Blog · 30 Sep

In entrepreneurship, business ownership, and in fitness management, leadership is what you bring to the gym as a founder or manager. It is the one fa

Happy Fitness Club Members And The Questions They Ask

Gym Insight Blog · 15 Sep

Just because you have happy fitness club members, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be completely free of issues. Even the most smooth-running gym

Complementary Client Programming For Fitness Club Owners

Gym Insight Blog · 9 Sep

Categories for client programming must align to sales goals and be complementary to one another. After all, the most fundamental activity in any busi

Is This Gym Equipment Startup The Future Of Fitness?

Gym Insight Blog · 30 Aug

Gym equipment is evolving rapidly, and we see some highly innovative designs coming down the line. New machines and systems match physical activity a

Reflecting for Belief And Clarity In Your Gym Business

Gym Insight Blog · 9 Aug

There’s a secret to business and entrepreneurship that they don’t teach in business school. It’s something that the smartest investors in the world o