Winning Renovation Recipes

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 20 October 2017
Clubs can accommodate bustling dining areas with carefully planned and deliberately designed kitchen space.

Familiar Ground

Club & Resort Business - Management - 18 October 2017
Through its longstanding partnership with a supplier that literally shares history with the club, Medinah CC continues to provide its members with their favorite locker-room amenities. Perhaps more than any other part of the property, locker rooms are where clubs must take special care to create a “home away from home” for their members. And a big part of providing that feeling of comfort and familiarity comes from always having a plentiful supply of the personal-care products and other locker-room amenities that members have come to know and trust.

Opioid Epidemic - How will Your Club Respond

ClubPeople - 17 October 2017
70% of employers report prescription drug abuse within their organizations. The U.S. opioid addiction crisis is hitting the workplace hard, and employers need to be prepared to respond. As of April 2016, "the opioid war" had claimed 200,000 lives, more than three time the number of U.S. military deaths in the Vietnam War. There is no end in sight.- reported, by The Washington Post this week.

Buy the Book

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds - 17 October 2017
When it comes to preparing a capital budget, golf course superintendents rely on planning, prioritizing, and powers of persuasion. In the fall, most golf course superintendents are finalizing their capital budgets for the coming year. The process, though, has likely been in motion for months. From planning for future expenditures and prioritizing needs to proposing a budget—and sharpening their powers of persuasion—superintendents need a strategy that can help them create the best conditions for their courses as cost-effectively as possible.

Niall Flanagan, Club Leadership Summit

Private Club Radio - 16 October 2017
On this week’s episode, we chat with Niall Flanagan of Club Incorporated about his upcoming invite-only event, The Club Leadership Summit. The event will take place December 3rd through the 5th in Belfast, Northern Ireland and will be attended by managers of some of the most exclusive properties in the UK, Europe and North America. We chat about the education, event lineup and much more.

October 2017: The CMAA Community

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 16 October 2017
Last month, my wife, Susie and I took vacation to escape from life for a bit. We visited Hawaii and while there made a stop to meet with the Paradise of the Pacific Chapter. What a terrific CMAA community! Community comes in many forms – club, church, neighborhood, and, of course, our CMAA community. It is our CMAA community that I want to focus on this month.

3 Beautiful Homes Within The Oaks Club

Private Club Marketing - 13 October 2017
A home overlooking the fairways is a dream lifestyle for many golf enthusiasts. Around the world from St. Andrews to Augusta, and from Pebble Beach to Palm Beach, discerning golfers can choose from a host of world-class golf properties that range from homes in exclusive golf communities, like The Oaks Club, to grand estates complete with private golf courses, providing an unparalleled sporting and luxury lifestyle experience.

7 Different Fitness Club Regimens To Attract New Memberships

Gym Insight Blog - 11 October 2017
Every once in a while I like to put out a few ideas for owners on the Gym Insight Blog. This time I have a few points about how to raise the profile and profitability of your small gym business. When you’ve scrambled to launch and run your business, you deserve to get the most fruit in return for your many labors. You probably started out with too few resources, ate your own dog food as they say, and slept in the back office once or twice. Why not seek out opportunities to multiply your returns with a little more efforts and lots of creativity?

Here's How You Can Help Those Affected by the Napa / Sonoma Fires

Private Club Marketing - 10 October 2017
You've seen the horrific images, you have friends and loved ones and favorite haunts up north. And as of Monday morning, Wine Country is in a state of emergency as more than a dozen wildfires are consuming large swaths of Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Lake and Yuba counties. It’s a time for thoughts and prayers, yes, but more importantly for action: Here’s how to help the victims of this Bay Area tragedy.

Marriott International Launches Club Marriott in Asia-Pacific·Requires Registration - 9 October 2017
Marriott International has launched the new Club Marriott here, a dining loyalty program that integrates Club Marriott, Eat Drink & More and Star Privilege into a single paid membership program. The newly combined Club Marriott provides members with more choices and benefits whenever they dine out in their hometowns or visit one of the 250 participating hotels across 16 brands in 13 countries across the region, with more hotels joining every month.

Alison Root, Women & Golf Magazine

Private Club Radio - 9 October 2017
Alison Root is the editor of Women & Golf Magazine, the UK’s biggest selling bi-monthly women’s golf title. The publication covers everything from professional women’s golf to golf equipment and from fashion to golf travel and beyond. During the interview we discuss female golf participation in the UK and beyond
 and what changes are taking place in women’s golf. Alison provides us a clear picture of where she sees women’s participation in the sport going in the future as well as steps your club can take today to increase participation at your club.

What Buy American and Hire American Could Mean for Visa Programs

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 6 October 2017
In April, President Trump issued the Buy American and Hire American executive order.

Topping It Off

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 5 October 2017
The expanded aquatic dining areas at Birmingham Country Club feature thoughtful, practical tabletops that welcome outdoor activity into the shoulder seasons. While seeking to create an aquatic area reminiscent of resorts in South Florida, Birmingham (Mich.) Country Club (BCC) has added cabanas and soft seating around its pool over the past few seasons. But with Michigan’s much shorter warm season, the club wanted to add elements that would help the area extend into the shoulder seasons—especially the fall.

Emotional Ownership in Private Clubs

Global Golf Advisors - Insights - 4 October 2017
Warren was delighted when his fellow club members selected him to serve on the board of governors. He couldn’t wait to roll
up his sleeves and jump straight into the big issues plaguing the club: stagnant membership growth, financial uncertainty
and distrust of the board itself. Given his previous business success and background, Warren was certain that he could be a difference-maker who would put the club back in good standing with its members. Instead, Warren encountered uncooperative, unprofessional and disorganized fellow governors dedicated to the status quo . . . “Tradition” they called it.

ClubIQ Means Measuring Member Experience... and Satisfaction

BoardRoom Magazine - 4 October 2017
‘What gets measured…gives you knowledge…gets done…gets improved.’ Words like an old chestnut that are an oft-repeated idea or considered conventional wisdom. But, with BoardRoom magazine’s ClubIQ, there’s more than a grain of truth to this old chestnut. ClubIQ, another innovation from BoardRoom’s Distinguished Clubs, holds oodles of promise in helping private clubs deliver on their member experience.

New wing debuts at Regent Porto Montenegro

WATG Blog (Design) - 3 October 2017
The Regent Porto Montenegro debuted an Aqua Wing this month, featuring 62 suites and guestrooms overlooking the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club on the Adriatic Coast. The one-, two- and three-bedroom units are equipped with full-size kitchens and living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms as well as flat-screen TVs and Bose sound systems. The new wing was designed by WATG Architects of London and MHZ interiors of Paris, and many units feature outdoor balconies or terraces offering unobstructed sea and mountain views.

Service Breakdown: A Failure of Leadership

Hospitality Resources International | Ideas and Information - 3 October 2017
After thirty-five plus years in the hospitality business in both hotels and private clubs, I can state categorically that poor service comes from poor leadership. Show me an operation with poor, shoddy, inconsistent service, and I’ll show you an organization with a failure of leadership. This observation flows from the understanding that leaders who recognize service problems in their organization will take corrective action. They will establish a plan of action, set priorities, lead employees to execute the plan, and follow through to completion.

Breaking News

Club & Resort Business - Management - 29 September 2017
Digital newsletters allow clubs to disseminate information with greater speed and ease than ever before, all at a minimal expense. The challenge is getting members to actually read it.

CMAA and Allies File Comments to EPA's Waters of the US Rule Recodification

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 28 September 2017
On September 25, CMAA and its Golf Industry allies submitted their official comments to the Environmental Protection Agency in regards to the recodification of preexisting rules regarding the Waters of the United States (WOTUS). This is the first step in the rescission process that proposes to re-codify the regulations that existed before the 2015 Clean Water Rule.

CMAA and Allies Respond to DOL Request for Information on Overtime

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 28 September 2017
On September 23, CMAA and its allies in the golf and club industry filed official comments on the July 2017 Request for Information, specifically seeking feedback on the 2015 overtime regulations enacted by the Department of Labor (DOL).

More Than Ready For Its Close-Up

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles - 28 September 2017
Hosting its first major with this year’s PGA Championship came after years of careful preparation at Quail Hollow Club—and marked the next step towards bigger things to come. Much of the coverage in the days leading up to last month’s PGA Championship focused on how the host site, Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, N.C., would be under a much brighter and hotter spotlight than ever before.

Many Sides

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 27 September 2017
Emphasizing the value of recognizing and considering “many sides” should be an important aspect of staff training and development. Donald Trump certainly deserved all the grief he got for the clumsy way he tried to articulate his point about “many sides” bearing some responsibility for how the tragic recent events in Charlottesville, Va., unfolded.

Market Focus: Golf is the Long Game for Affluent Brands

Private Club Marketing - 27 September 2017
You may not first think of golfers as those who seek out luxury and quality goods—in fact, if you’re not a golfer yourself, you probably picture them only as retired old men wearing a pair of cheap docker shorts with some old polo shirt from some golf trip they took a lifetime ago. But if that’s your mental image of golfers, you’re missing out on a great market with dollars to spend.

Thoughts for the Young... and the Formerly Young

Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 26 September 2017
I get the opportunity to coach extraordinary people. I get to coach people at various stages of their careers and their lives. Recently I have been thinking a lot about the ones that are in their late teens and early twenties. I hear so many people talking about how this group is so different, difficult, entitled, and inferior in some measure. I am not sure if the ones who seek coaching are vastly different from the rest, or if maybe I am not looking for evidence that those stereotypes are true, but I truly love working with these young people. In many ways I wish people in their fifties and sixties would have the chance to sit and listen to these young people with an open mind.

On My Mind

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 26 September 2017
It is becoming more obvious that the successful club of the future will be a community gathering place that might also happen to have a great golf course. It is late August as I pen this month’s column and the lazy, hazy days of summer are just about over. Fall brings what is arguably the best time of year for golf and other outdoor activities, so all of us will make the transition from one busy season to the next.

Management Information Reveal Your Membership By The Numbers

Gym Insight Blog - 25 September 2017
Whether you are a new club owner, a professional trainer, or a veteran of fitness club management you can always benefit by extracting more information from the data that you generate in your gym business operations. With every transaction or response received from prospects or members, you create data. This might come in through your payment system, setting up a new account in your membership management system or getting a response from an email blast that you send out to a list.


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