Additional H-2B Visas Exhausted for FY2017

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 20 September 2017
The additional 15,000 H 2B visas made available in July for FY2017 have been exhausted. 

Covering All Bases

Club & Resort Business - Management - 20 September 2017
After its experience with other buying groups fell short, Army Navy Country Club found a new partner that has helped it realize widespread savings during a period of significant growth.

PEO vs. HRO vs. Outsource Payroll-What's the Difference?

ClubPeople - 19 September 2017
Join ClubPay's HR Partner this Wednesday at HFTP's Club Digital Learning Day, for a webinar discussion on the differences of, Payroll vs. PEO, vs. HRO, and what to consider in finding the best fit for your organization. CertiPay President, James Knight, and Senior Human Resource Consultant at CertiPay, Clare Vazquez Peace will discuss the difference between PEO, vs. HRO, vs. Payroll during the 1:30-2:30 PM webinar session at HFTP's online event tomorrow. During the Payroll and PEOs webinar session, James and Clare will discuss the decision drivers to consider when going into a PEO relationship, and for coming out of a PEO solution- SUTA rate, W/C rate, administrative cost, HR cost, and cost of benefits.

The Culinary Insider: September 5, 2017

American Culinary Federation - 18 September 2017
We have all seen and heard about the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts and prayers are with each person affected by the catastrophe. The well-being of our members is very important to us and we wanted to provide an update on disaster relief efforts and how ACF chefs can help.

September 2017: Harvey, Irma, LLC and CMAA

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 14 September 2017
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will be remembered for a very long time as they brought havoc and destruction to Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and surrounding areas. There are difficult days ahead for those impacted. It has been heartwarming to see various efforts to support the club community embraced by so many throughout our profession and industry. If you haven’t supported these efforts, I encourage you and your club to consider supporting Clubs Helping Clubs.

Lay of the Land

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds - 14 September 2017
Stoatin Brae, a new golf course with a Scottish influence at a southwestern Michigan resort, was built on a prime piece of property with sustainability and turf maintenance in mind. Sometimes it’s best to just take what nature gives you. That’s what Gull Lake View Golf Club & Resort in Augusta, Mich., did with the newest of its six golf courses, Stoatin Brae, which opened in May. Instead of enlisting architects to design a golf course and then try to make it fit the land, the Gull Lake View team hired Renaissance Golf Design to do the polar opposite.

Toni Shibayama

Private Club Radio - 10 September 2017
Our featured guest is Chief Risk Officer of ISU S&K Insurance, Toni Shibayama. Toni has an interesting approach to insurance. Her advice is “Don’t Use It”. You’ll want to make sure and find out what she means by that.

Country Club Living

WATG Blog (Design) - 10 September 2017
Stoke Park has teamed up with world leading design firm, WATG, to create eight, first of their kind residences set within its historic grounds. ‘The 8’ will offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to live amongst 300 acres of spectacular parkland with access to all of the club’s award-winning facilities.

Gym Member Personas: Who Are These Idealized People?

Gym Insight Blog - 9 September 2017
Are there gym member personas that describe the typical groups of members of your fitness center? In marketing, a persona is a profile of the ideal customer for your products or services. You create them as character sketches of the consumers or businesses most likely to benefit from your fitness center. Well-researched customer personas will also help you grow your membership and profit margin by describing the patrons who are right for your business goals. Professional marketers who specialize in inbound marketing strategy use as many personas as required to define the buyers for their products and services.

Comfort Zones

Club & Resort Business - Design & Renovation - 5 September 2017
Updating interior furnishings is the icing on the cake for extensive renovations and redesigns at club and resort properties. Take a seat and lend an ear: Creating a comfortable space that is conducive to socializing and extended visits has become a must for any club or resort property. While newly expanded facilities are important for creating positive, lasting impressions, cozy seating and eye-catching décor often dominate members’ first introductions to the club. As a result, finding the right places to display distinctive indoor furnishings now ranks high on managers’ to-do lists.

Medinah CC's Surprising New Moves

Club & Resort Business - Feature Articles - 31 August 2017
As it continues to enhance its status as a golf mecca, the suburban Chicago property has also stepped up its game to provide a full range of year-round, family-oriented attractions. From when it was first established by a group of Shriners in 1924, Medinah (Ill.) Country Club, in suburban Chicago, has always been associated first and foremost with golf, and with good reason. Through the years the club’s three 18-hole golf courses have been connected with prestigious designers including Tom Bendelow, Rees Jones and Tom Doak, and its Course #3 has hosted three U.S. Opens, two PGA Championships, a U.S. Senior Open and the 2012 Ryder Cup, with the 2019 BMW Championship to come.

How Prepared is Your Club for an Evacuation?

ClubPeople - 30 August 2017
This article is posted with a heavy heart, that many of us share as we view images from the wake of Hurricane Harvey overwhelming South Texas, and now, in Louisiana as heavy rain continues to force more families out of their homes and communities. With more rain predicted to continue through the end of the week- no one can predict what recovery will look like until the water recedes.

A Slow Death

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 30 August 2017
This was a golden opportunity to encourage young golfers and say to the older golfers, 'There is a place for your game as you age.' This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. - T.S. Eliot, 'The Hollow Men' In the August 2015 issue of C&RB, I shared what The post A Slow Death appeared first on Club & Resort Business.

The Shape of Things to Come?

Club & Resort Business - Industry Commentary - 29 August 2017
One club announced that for the second straight year it would forego hiring a GM to save $200,000, and instead continue to rely on ‘a couple of members of the Board to be the figureheads.’ We’ve received a lot of “atta-boys” for the recent columns where we spoke out against the cases of General Managers being unceremoniously dismissed from their duties by club Boards or ownerships that didn’t properly recognize or appreciate their value, and felt they could find a way to have the job done much more cheaply.

The Imperative of Manager Training

Hospitality Resources International | Ideas and Information - 27 August 2017
Last week we talked a little about Employee Training and posed some questions about clubs’ training programs. This week we talk about an even more important topic – Manager Training. In many clubs the assumption is that if you hire good people as golf professionals, food and beverage managers, controllers, activity directors, golf course superintendents, membership directors, etc., they don’t need to be trained because they know what they’re doing. While this may be true of the job skills for their particular position, there is far more a manager must know and ignoring this fact can be dangerous to your operation.

Crow Valley Golf Club Rallies for the Cure

Private Club Marketing - 24 August 2017
Today, on August 24, starting at 8:00 AM, the ladies of Crow Valley Golf Club will be joining together to help win the fight against breast cancer. One of our members says, “so many people in the Quad Cities are affected by the disease; it’s a privilege to be a part of the solution.”

Seats for All Seasons

Club & Resort Business - Management - 22 August 2017
Woodmont CC has enhanced its members’ experience with a suite of comfortable and durable solid teak outdoor furniture products. Durability, comfort and pleasing aesthetics are the trifecta of good outdoor furniture. At Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Md., a suite of solid teak products hits the target in all three areas.

Ben Keal, Private Communities

Private Club Radio - 21 August 2017
Ben Keal, Director of Sales for joins us to discuss the results of their recent 2017 Survey of Homebuyers Researching Master-Planned Lifestyle Communities. We’ll glean some insights from the data and learn more about how Private Communities can help your private club. If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s going on in the minds of homebuyers in your target audience, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Ben and his team have exclusive insights compiled from thousands of homebuyers actively searching for their perfect lifestyle community.

Technology Is The Key To Fitness Industry Success

Gym Insight Blog - 17 August 2017
It’s not about having the most technology, but rather the right equipment that is going to help you run your small gym business most efficiently. By running your club resourcefully, you’ll get into profit sooner and make the quality of your offerings better. Technology is evolving so rapidly now that you can check in every six months and find new solutions for just about everything. The hazard of occasional check-ins is that you might have missed something in the months in between. The right technology for small gym businesses is that which disappears into the background, allowing you to focus entirely on the tasks of creating the right experiences to amaze and engage your membership.

Doing What Comes Naturally

Club & Resort Business - Course & Grounds - 17 August 2017
While native areas on golf courses can help properties save costs and decrease their environmental footprints, that is no call for superintendents to get complacent. The areas require patience and TLC to take root—and once established, they are still not maintenance-free.

Exclusive Regent Pool Club Residences in Montenegro Designed by WATG

WATG Blog (Design) - 15 August 2017
Leading hospitality design-firm, WATG has completed the design of the Regent Pool Club Residences in Porto Montenegro, Montenegro, one of the world’s most idyllic yachting communities. The residences comprise 62 luxury apartments, each with a landscaped terrace, unobstructed sea and mountain views and access to residents-only pool deck.


Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) Blog - 15 August 2017
It happened on July 26, 2017. In terms of days it had been 21,915. In terms of years it had been 60. In terms of decades it had been six. I officially got older! It was definitely a time for celebration and as I write this, we continue to celebrate. I am a big fan of celebration and although I know people who don’t like to celebrate birthdays, I love the energy, the smiles and fun that come with a celebration. I am thrilled with the connection and reconnection and am humbled by the number of people who take time out to celebrate me.

The Challenges of Standalone Club Operations

Hospitality Resources International | Ideas and Information - 14 August 2017
My wife is a high school English teacher and I get to hear her periodic horror stories from the world of public education. Several years ago, growing interested in her comments on the state of our schools, I picked up a book called Crash Course by Chris Whittle. Whittle made his money in magazine publishing and with Channel One, the news program provided to public schools. He then turned his attention to public education and founded Edison Schools, a for-profit education management organization that would hopefully bring a solution to some of our worst-performing schools. While Edison Schools has not been as successful as originally envisioned, I found his review of public education insightful and full of interesting ideas.

Martin Cody, Founder Cellar Angels

Private Club Radio - 14 August 2017
Learn what’s trending in the world of wine from founder of Cellar Angels, Martin Cody. You’ll find out what makes his service so unique as well as the money their service is raising for charities. If you’re looking for some unique wines, you’ll want to hear Martin’s suggestions. He also has a special offer for listeners towards the end of his interview.

August 2017 - It's CMAA Renewal Time

CMAA CEO's Perspective - 14 August 2017
August starts CMAA’s annual membership renewal billing season. A few weeks ago, you received two communications from Bob James, CCM, CCE, CHE, about renewing your national membership, but I want to share a few additional insights.

DOL Solicits Feedback on the Overtime Rules

CMAA Legislative Report Blog - 11 August 2017
On July 26, 2017 the Department of Labor published a Request for Information (RFI), specifically seeking feedback on the overtime rules.


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