Welcome to history: How royal dwellings turn into luxury hotels

WATG Blog (Design)· 2 October 2017
Transforming storied heritage residences into luxury hotels is all about striking a balance between conservation and commercial requirements In properties like the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, the royal family stays on the premises. Restoration artists work closely with them while redoing the estate.

Rethinking Resort Renovations: The Power of Landscape Design

WATG Blog (Design)· 2 October 2017
In keeping with the evolving tastes and needs of today’s contemporary traveler, resorts must keep up with the desire for unique, fresh and authentic experiences. Over the last few years, the hospitality industry has experienced a resurgence in renovations, especially in the Mediterranean, where hoteliers are battling to refresh, revitalise and stay ahead of the competition.

The Great Architectural Bake-Off is coming to Singapore

WATG Blog (Design)·25 September 2017
Baking and architecture come together in this delicious competition at Archifest 2017 Ask any Brit and he or she will tell you that The Great British Bake Off reality television series is an entertainment institution. While the show isn’t finding its way to Singapore anytime soon, we’re all set for the next best thing: The Great Architectural Bake-Off.

WATG Presents - The Great Architectural Bake-Off

WATG Blog (Design)·20 September 2017
Award-winning architectural firm, WATG, brings The Great Architectural Bake-Off to the sunny shores of Singapore World renowned and award winning integrated design firm, WATG, is bringing The Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO) to Singapore. Following the success of the event in London and New York, Singapore has been chosen to host Asia’s inaugural event.

WATG's Great Architectural Bake-Off

WATG Blog (Design)·13 September 2017
Last year WATG and Wimberly Interiors brought the Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO) to NYC for the first time. The London event, which has now run successfully for three years, has witnessed some of the world’s most iconic buildings rise out of butter and flour, at the hands of some of the biggest design firms. We are thrilled to announce that GABO will make an exciting return during Archtober on Tuesday, October 3rd. Renowned names in design will once again be invited to recreate the world’s most iconic buildings entirely out of cake.

Country Club Living

WATG Blog (Design)·10 September 2017
Stoke Park has teamed up with world leading design firm, WATG, to create eight, first of their kind residences set within its historic grounds. ‘The 8’ will offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to live amongst 300 acres of spectacular parkland with access to all of the club’s award-winning facilities.

Architects Volunteer to Improve Urban Housing in Manila

WATG Blog (Design)·30 August 2017
In May 2016 a team of ten volunteers from architecture firm WATG travelled across the world to get their hands dirty building homes with Habitat for Humanity

Exclusive Regent Pool Club Residences in Montenegro Designed by WATG

WATG Blog (Design)·15 August 2017
Leading hospitality design-firm, WATG has completed the design of the Regent Pool Club Residences in Porto Montenegro, Montenegro, one of the world’s most idyllic yachting communities. The residences comprise 62 luxury apartments, each with a landscaped terrace, unobstructed sea and mountain views and access to residents-only pool deck.


WATG Blog (Design)· 3 August 2017
What the very successful traveler is always seeking is something unique where someone has thought of the minute details the way they might. It’s the burgeoning desire to experience the desert island fantasy without losing your connectivity or your mind. Remote enough to switch off, but cleverly designed to switch on the senses to transport guests on a journey that only WATG know how to create.


WATG Blog (Design)· 1 August 2017
WATG, the world’s leading hospitality design firm and Wimberly Interiors, the interior design studio of WATG, are delighted to reveal the spectacular design of the new Bellagio Shanghai , Bellagio’s first ever hotel outside of North America. The hotel is set to open in late Summer 2017. WATG and Wimberly Interiors worked alongside the Bellagio brand to raise the bar of ultra-luxury hotel design in Shanghai, China’s most opulent and vibrant city, known as ‘The Paris of the East,’ and ‘the New York of the West’.

Welcome To Station Zero

WATG Blog (Design)·28 July 2017
The highly anticipated Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay is opening its doors this December 2017. The third Crimson property to open in the Philippines, the resort is a tropical island paradise combining elegant contemporary architecture, landscape and interiors by leading design firm WATG and Wimberly Interiors with natural materials such as sand, stone and wood complemented by the warm ambience of Filipino island living.

Top luxury travel offerings of 2017

WATG Blog (Design)·25 July 2017
Luxury travel can offer extraordinary experiences. The recent International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM), held in Shanghai, featured some of the most extravagant opportunities to gain bragging rights for the privileged few.

The History of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa - Part One

WATG Blog (Design)·18 July 2017
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is one of the flagship resorts at the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s an elegant, romantic turn-of-the-century resort, however when the resort was originally being planned Disney had another resort in mind. Wimberly Whisenand Allison Tong & Goo (WWATG) – now WATG, were the architects working with Disney Imagineering on designing the Grand Floridian Resort.

Mexico's New Hotel Obsession Gives One of the World's Most Beautiful Cities New Life

WATG Blog (Design)·15 July 2017
In 1987, Puebla, Mexico, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its history protected for generations to come. Thirty years later, the storied destination makes new headlines — this time with the opening of the Rosewood Puebla hotel in late June. The city dates to the mid 16th century, making it layered in architectural styles: There are hints of the Renaissance, Baroque, colonial, and the distinctly Pueblan, with more than 365 churches known as some of the most beautiful in the world.

WATG Design Exclusive Regent Pool Club Residences in the Heart of the Adriatic

WATG Blog (Design)·15 July 2017
WATG is delighted to reveal the integrated design for a series of ultra-luxurious residences in Porto Montenegro, one of the world’s most idyllic yachting communities. WATG’s new master plan for the entire Porto Montenegro property defines a long-term vision for a super yacht destination. The plan is strategically aligned to position Porto Montenegro as the premier home port as well as the seasonal hub of the Adriatic. The first phase of the master plan’s implementation comprises 62 luxury residences, providing residents and visitors an unrivalled premier lifestyle. The one, two and three bedroom residences offer unobstructed views of picturesque Boka Bay, the village of Porto Montenegro, and the inspiring Vrmac mountain range.

World's Most Luxurious Train Reveals New Over-the-Top Private Suites

WATG Blog (Design)· 3 July 2017
Savvy international travelers are assuredly familiar with the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express as the world’s most sophisticated form of overland hegiras. But luxury travel concern Belmond, which lays claim to five star hotels around the world in addition to the train, has just raised the bar on its own level of luxury.

The future of hotel design

WATG Blog (Design)·31 May 2017
As the global hospitality marketplace evolves and travellers’ preferences shift, what are the future trends that hotel designers need to anticipate? Trends of the last five years include themes such as the rise of ‘localised’ design, trendy independent ‘lifestyle’ hotels and animated public areas. But what concepts are currently on our drawing boards at integrated hospitality design firm, WATG, that will be entering the market in the next few years?

The Luxury Resort That's Turning Puebla into Mexico's Hottest New Destination

WATG Blog (Design)·30 May 2017
Just 75 miles south of Mexico City at the foot of the active Popocatépetl volcano, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Puebla is renowned for its colonial architecture, colorful Talavera pottery, and rich gastronomic roots. For all of its charms and history, however, the destination will soon welcome something entirely new: Rosewood Hotels & Resort’s fourth Mexican property, Rosewood Puebla.

How to print a house

WATG Blog (Design)·11 May 2017
“Everybody’s dream is you hit the button and boom, your house pops out, and it’s ready to live in,” says Chris Hurst, one of the designers of Curve Appeal. “That’s the market, and it’s something we can do relatively soon.”

The Nation's Capital Gets a Renovated Fairmont Hotel

WATG Blog (Design)· 4 May 2017
Many hotels in the nation’s capital were renovated in anticipation of January’s inauguration. The luxury Fairmont Washington, D.C., in the tony Georgetown neighborhood was one of them.

2017 American Architecture Award Winners Announced

WATG Blog (Design)·19 April 2017
79 shortlisted buildings have been selected as winners of the 2017 American Architecture Awards, which honor the best new buildings designed and constructed by American architects in the United States and abroad, and by international architects for buildings designed and built in the United States.


WATG Blog (Design)·27 March 2017
WATG is pleased to unveil the design for Four Seasons Tianjin, located in the heart of China’s fourth largest metropolis. Rising above the city’s central business district and steps away from the main retail area and historic quarter, the 210-metre tower and podium offer 259 hotel guest rooms, 90 residential units and 5,000 square-metres of retail space.

People: John Paul Pederson

WATG Blog (Design)·20 March 2017
A wide range of designers provide insight into the latest hospitality trends. ‘Great design should create a memorable experience. You need to focus on the details, creating an environment that sticks in the guest’s mind and makes them return again and again.’ John Paul Pederson, Associate and Senior Designer, Wimberly Interiors.

The Art and Science of Landscape Architecture

WATG Blog (Design)· 3 March 2017
It’s not about it just looking great, it’s about creating spaces for all kinds of different people and with future generations in mind. In our designs it is absolutely essential for us to give careful consideration in the editing of how much space we use because we need to preserve with perpetuity in our thought process. With this approach we are being inclusive in our designs both with humans and with nature.

Landmark design that forever changed hospitality

WATG Blog (Design)· 3 February 2017
2016 may be remembered for the passing of a multitude of creative geniuses that have shaped generations of people. Music that has served as the soundtrack of our lives, screenplays and books we savored for their wit and insight. Actors whose characters enthralled us in the quiet darkness of a movie theater. Leaders who pioneered change in the political landscape to improve people’s rights and give them a better chance at life. Anyone with ambition and vision hopes that in some small way that what they do while they are here on this planet may in some way be remembered. An unknown teacher with a passion for their student’s education can leave a legacy unknown to themselves or the wider world.

10 Travel Trends for 2017

WATG Blog (Design)·12 January 2017
We are barely into 2017 and already we’re starting to see a shift in the industry. Where do we go from here? Well, who better to guide us into the new year than a master in trend forecasting, Muriel Muirden, Vice President and Managing Director of Global Strategy, WATG (and affiliated design studio Wimberly Interiors), shares with us 10 travel and design trends for 2017.


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