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How Can You Bring Previous Customers Back to Your Hotel?

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Existing customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. How can you inspire them to return? Customers who have visited your hotel before know what to expect. Hopefully, they were happy with their last stay. Considering that most people are risk-averse, if you please them once, they know they can count on you to treat them well again. This gives you a significant advantage. But how can you stay top of mind next time they are ready to book a trip?

WhereTo Launches Booking Tool for Enterprises

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Booking tool provider WhereTo has launched a customizable booking tool for enterprises. The tool uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine what air, hotel, rail and car rental content it recommends, and travel managers can influence that algorithm by assigning weights to factors like price, personal loyalty accounts, preferred suppliers, quality, travel time and safety, according to WhereTo founder and president Ryan Wenger.

5 Types of Social Media Content that Drives B2B Results

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
A common challenge in the B2B space is figuring out how to use social media to drive results. When it comes to the organic side of social media, a question that often comes up from clients is what type of social media content will reach, and more importantly, resonate with their target audiences.

What Local News Tells Us About Overtourism: New Skift Research

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Sentiment analysis is a burgeoning field that we can add a new dimension to the industry-wide conversation about overtourism.

The top 10 hotels on Instagram, 2019 edition

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
With a staggering one billion monthly active users, Instagram’s undeniable power to influence consumer decision-making continues to grow. In addition to building awareness and inspiring travelers, Instagram can now also be used to drive direct business with its booking feature. To inspire your Instagram marketing strategy, here’s our 2019 edition of the top 10 hotels on Instagram.

STAAH Wins The 2018 APAC Top Connectivity Partner Award By

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
The overall value STAAH has provided to the industry in APAC markets has this week been recognized, at the first of its kind award function, by held at the Singapore Connectivity Exchange.

eRevMax Partners with Kuwaiti Technology Provider EEMC

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Kuwait-based hospitality solution developer EEMC has partnered with hotel connectivity provider eRevMax to deliver advanced channel management solutions to its hotel customers. eRevMax has signed an agreement with the company making them an official sales representative of RateTiger, an integrated channel manager, rate intelligence and connectivity solution for hotels.

Panera to Test Tap, Pay and Go Technology

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Next month, Panera Bread will begin conducting a market test on a new "Panera Tap" technology for hot coffee, where guests can skip the register or kiosk altogether. The technology will make its debut in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. market. Guests will only need to open the Panera app and tap an NFC smart poster to purchase a grab-and-go coffee via mobile payment.

Starbucks Uses Solar to Power Texas Stores

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Starbucks Coffee Company, Cypress Creek Renewables and U.S. Bank today are teaming up on a portfolio of solar farms across Texas. As a part of the deal, two solar farms developed, built and now operated by Cypress Creek are providing enough energy for the equivalent of 360 Starbucks stores in Lone Star State, including stores in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and Arlington.

Skift Forum Europe: Accessible Mojo Wants Hotels to Promote Their Existing Strengths

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Accessibility for travelers with disabilities may be a difficult topic of conversation for some hoteliers, but Accessible Mojo is ready to make that dialog a little easier for everyone.

Singapore restaurant tops the list

mycloud HOSPITALITY·16 April 2019
Odette in Singapore has taken the top honours, No.1 spot, in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Serving Asian-inspired modern French cuisine, chef Julien Royer’s Odette also claims the coveted titles of The Best Restaurant in Asia, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, and The Best Restaurant in Singapore.

An Event Planners' Guide to Sustainability

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
Creating sustainable practices in the event planning industry is an art that can be both difficult and rewarding. Planning greener meetings isn’t on every event planners mind, and there are reasons for that. Namely, it’s a common myth that it’s impossible to create a brilliant event that is both cost-effective and sustainable. But you really can have it all. Just a few simple actions can have a positive, lasting impact—not just on your event, but on the future, as well.

Asia Dominates List of Top Event Destinations

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
According to the International Monetary Fund, Asia’s overall growth is forecast at 5.6 percent this year, with China (+6.4 percent) and India (+7.8 percent) leading the charge. CWT listed China in its “2019 Meetings & Events Trends Report” as the world’s largest business travel market, and a clear example of the region’s rapid boom.

France's Tech Frenzy Attracting Broad Range of Events

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
With a growing number of young people aspiring to be entrepreneurs, France, in recent years, has made it easier for them to start businesses. Laws and regulations have been adapted so that people can start a business almost effortlessly now in France — with less red tape, in fact, than many other G20 countries.

Apple Core Hotels, Inc. Selects Cendyn to Power CRM Across Hotel Group

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
Apple Core Hotels, a New York City-based hotel ownership and management company, has selected Cendyn’s eInsight CRM across their portfolio of properties.

The future of the CRS

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
We’re seeing a dramatic shift in the hotel distribution landscape right now. For the last decade, there’s been a boom in the number of new hospitality technology providers entering the market. These companies introduced fresh ideas and products into a tech landscape that had long been stagnant. We’ve now reached a point of maturity, and the industry is moving toward a “platformization model.”

M3 Launches New Business Intelligence Platform

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
M3, a cloud-based financial platform in the hospitality industry, announced the launch of a new business intelligence platform called Insight. The platform was designed to include user-driven, interactive dashboards, mobile compatibility, ad hoc reporting, and analytics.

Will Malaysia's tourism growth stall with new departure levy? Opinions divided

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
Is paying RM20 to RM40 as departure levy flying out of Malaysian airports a deterrent to your travel? A question I put to a few friends who fly frequently for both work and play. All answered in the negative, as the amount is too small to affect their travel budget or stop them from taking holiday breaks.

The influence of perceived technological congruence of smartphone application and air travel experience on consumers' attitudes toward price change and adoption

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
Smartphones have influenced tourists’ information search behaviors and trip experiences in various ways. Operationalized in the air travel context, this study aims to apply the technology acceptance model (TAM) to unveil the causal relationships and potential compatibility or consistency between smartphone apps and travelers’ prior experiences, perceived technological congruence and technology value, attitudes toward price change and usage intentions.

Coworking in Hotels - A Match Made in Heaven?

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
This development is of course hard to ignore. A shift from traditional ways of working, while considered detrimental by some, can be an immense opportunity for other businesses. Hotels are one such type of business that can benefit largely from offering coworking areas.

Training Students With Disabilities for Hospitality Work

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
The waffle irons are crucial pieces of equipment at Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles. Two of the restaurant’s three titular specialties — the cornbread and the waffles — are cooked in the irons, and most of the restaurant’s menu features one or the other, either as a main item or a side to fried chicken.

Reaping the benefits of cloud without moving your data

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
More and more organizations are moving to the cloud, but for some moving data isn’t an option. With a remote managed software and services (RMSS) solution deployment, however, it’s still possible to experience the benefits of cloud, without the data or solution ever leaving your premises or existing cloud provider.

Smaller Hotels and Hostels Catch Up on Tech With New Wave of Software Makers

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
The story of software maker Cloudbeds, named the fastest-growing travel and hospitality company in the U.S., points to a broader trend of smaller hotels adopting new tools to manage their properties.

How to Go from Revenue Manager to Revenue Science

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
Almost two decades after the big expansion of Revenue Management throughout the hotel industry, Directors of Revenue Management still make 20% less than Directors of Finance and Accounting ( . That may seem unfair because RMs have as much, or maybe more, fiduciary responsibility to the bottom line of a hotel company as their counterparts in finance. Not only that, but RMs have to deal with more systems and more data than finance ever will. However, there is good reason for this discrepancy.

[Download eBook] Guide to Increase Direct Bookings for Your Small Hotel

mycloud HOSPITALITY·15 April 2019
The world is mainly dominated by a hotel market that’s based online and reigned by OTAs. With such a picture in mind, one of the most logical things that can be put in place in order to thrive is ensuring that direct bookings are among the most prioritized agendas for small hotel owners. OTA and various traditional agents for traveling majorly exert their effect via increasing and enhancing exposure and occupancy.

Traveloka Moves Into Food and Wellness and 5 Other Digital Trends This Week

mycloud HOSPITALITY·14 April 2019
This week in digital news, Traveloka's new discovery platform marks a huge expansion into the lucrative food market, Flight Centre becomes the largest stakeholder of startup Upside, and TripAdvisor releases a comprehensive platform for searching cruise reviews.


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